Spade Heart KLTC Bridge Club Diamond Club
Club Profile

Special interest group within Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club (KLTC)

Bridge Club members must be KLTC members

Duplicate sessions are held on Monday afternoons, Tuedays evenings & Thursday mornings

Visitors may play only if invited by members as their partners (limited to three times per year)

Mailing Address

KLTC Bridge Club,

c/- Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club, 489 Glenferrie Rd, Kooyong, VIC 3144


Standards of Behaviour

The KLTC Bridge Club policy on Standards of Behaviour is:

  • Law 74 of the World Bridge Federation's Laws of Duplicate Bridge states an expectation that all players will "maintain a courteous attitude at all times" and "carefully avoid any remark or action which might cause annoyance or embarrassment to another player or might interfere with the enjoyment of the game"
  • The KLTC Bridge Club Committee expects that this high standard of behaviour will be observed by all members, not only at the bridge table but also more generally in their relationships with and comments about other members.

The Committee has established a Standards of Behaviour subcommittee (SBSC) to monitor compliance with this policy and undertake any investigations which may be required.

Dress Code

Consistent with KLTC Regulation, the dress code for KLTC Bridge Club is:

i. Smart Casual clothing shall be worn
ii. Male members and guests shall wear a shirt with a collar
iii. No caps or men’s hats, men’s sandals or garments with advertising motifs
iv. No sporting or gymnasium attire

Which Way is North?
The following arrangements will apply to all sessions:
  • In the Kooyong Room (upper and lower), North will be sitting geographic north (ie looking towards the Bistro)
  • When two of the smaller rooms are being used, North will again be sitting geographic north
  • When only one of the smaller rooms is being used, North will be sitting geographic west (ie looking towards the entrance to the room)