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Special interest group within Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club (KLTC)

Bridge Club members must be KLTC members

Duplicate sessions are held on Monday afternoons, Tuedays evenings & Thursday mornings

Visitors may play only if invited by members as their partners (limited to three times per year)

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KLTC Bridge Club,

c/- Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club, 489 Glenferrie Rd, Kooyong, VIC 3144


Welcome to KLTC Bridge Club
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'Members Only'



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Intermediate Lesson - 14th June
Intermediate Lesson - 14th June



The next lesson by Bill Jacobs is Thursday 14th June @ 1.15pm sharp


'All about Takeout Doubles'

Perhaps the most valuable of all bidding tools, we will cover all the essentials:

-  when to make them

-  how to respond to them

-  variations, such as the negative double

-  when is a double takeout, when is it for penalities, and how am I to know?

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RACV Results 22nd May '18
RACV Results 22nd May '18




Thank you to the RACV Club for hosting an enjoyable day

3rd Place - Susan Everist, Robyn Sutton, Garry & Maria Campbell

5th Place  -  Doug Bell, David Happell, Shirley Bowman & Teck Chan


Thank you to all our members for representing Kooyong Bridge Club

                                              ♠ ♠ ♠ 


Australia-Wide Novice Pairs - Tuesday 29 May
National competition for players with fewer than 50 Masterpoints
7pm on Tuesday 29 May (seated by 6.45pm)
Hard copy booklet with souvenir hands, plus recommended bidding and play
Personalised details provided online
Top 100 players nationwide win prizes; spot prizes for others
No cost to participants (KLTC members only)
Registration form at left
Sandbelt 17th May
Sandbelt 17th May



Well done to our two teams 

and thank you for representing Kooyong so well

1st place - Pip Leibelt, Jane Griffiths, Moira Righetti & Maree Muir

4th place - Kerin & James Tulloch, Barb Carter & Faye Norton-Old

Thank you to the Victoria Golf Club for hosting a most enjoyable day

                                   ♠ ♠ ♠ 

Email Susan on if you would like to participate in one of our events in July or September


Which Way is North?
The following arrangements were established in 2015, and continue to apply to all sessions:
  • In the Kooyong Room, North sits geographic north (ie looking towards the Bistro)
  • When two of the function rooms are being used, North will again sit geographic north
  • When only one of the function rooms is being used, North will be sits geographic west (ie looking towards the entrance)

The principle underlying these arrangements is that North/South should align with the longer axis of the area used for play

Looking for a Partner??


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Need a Partner for any of our sessions?

Telephone our 'Connector' Maree Muir on 

0432 221 036

 24 hours a day

Leave a voice message if you need to cancel


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Mon 28th May 2018
Beginners Course
Committee Contact: Moira Righetti
Mon 28th May 2018
Club Duplicate
Convenor: Lauren Sanford
Tue 29th May 2018
Club Duplicate
Convenor: Doug Bell
Tue 29th May 2018
Australia Wide Novice Pairs
Committee Contact: Barbara Carter