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Congrats to member(s) who have been promoted in ABF rank in December. Info on the rankings can be found here: ABF Rankings Info

Graduate Libby Hanan
Club Julie D'Amico
Local Lyn Deegan, Marea Allen, Louie Shina
**Local David Wardle
*Regional Maureen Stewart
  Email 23rd August

Some upcoming dates.

Australia Wide Pairs
This is on this Friday 25 September at our usual time. We have souvenir booklets with explanations of how each hand should have been bid and played.  The club will cover the $5 entry fee per player which includes the booklets.  Chris can you please add this to our website so that visiting players are aware and don’t play this event a second time?

IBA Swiss Pairs
Figtree is hosting a Swiss Pairs congress on Sunday 17 September. The entry fee is $35 per player with prizes for open pairs, restricted pairs and novice pairs.  For further details contact Jill MacRae at jill.macrae54@bigpond.com or on 0414900239.

IBA State Novice/Restricted Teams Championship
This is being held at Figtree on 4th and 5th November but I have no more details.

Happy bridging,Wayne

  Email 12th August

Sad News
It is with deep regret that I inform you that Pam Bodey’s husband, John, passed away yesterday.  Our thoughts and heartfelt wishes are with Pam at this sad and difficult time.

Our second Hi/Lo event will be held on 21 September. That is a week later than originally planned.

Tea Breaks
Discussion continues around the best arrangements for the tea breaks.  The committee again yesterday looked at alternate arrangements.  The key safety issues which preclude some arrangements are:

  1. The trolley/table must remain at least 1 metre away from the emergency exit. No exception.
  2. People must not take cups from under the urn tap.
  3. We don’t want people having to walk over electrical leads as it is a trip hazard.

Viv Dawes is going to talk to some of the other helpers in the kitchen and experiment with other arrangements and if they think they have come up with a good idea pass it along to Katie Emms to be presented to the committee.  Maybe the current arrangement is as good as it gets and the congestion is just the result of our growing numbers.

Food Items
Dot Blomley and Gwen Hinchliffe and going to draw up a reduced list of commonly purchased items for the information of our shoppers. If you want something that the club hasn’t provided, you may have to bring it along yourself.  We are going to look at whether a Woolies delivery once a month is a possibility.  Each of the products we purchase has a use by date. However, for some items, that use by date becomes irrelevant once the item is opened.  For example, a dip may have a use by date of 30 September but if you opened it today you be braver than me to still be eating it in six weeks time.  Not so long ago we used to put a piece of masking tape on the dip with the day written when the dip was opened. Not a bad idea.  I don’t drink tea or coffee so don’t use the milk. So I don’t know if we have any milk bottles which are opened and which we still have a week later. It might also be a good idea to try dating the milk for a while so we can see whether it is a health issue.

Whilst we’re talking health, two points:

  • There is a hand sanitiser installed for people to use before starting the tea break. It’s on the wall near the kitchen; and
  • No double dipping of biscuits in the dip please. It makes people cringe.

Over the years, the club has built a collection of plastic containers which people have left behind.  These are taking up cupboard space which we will need if we start getting monthly deliveries.  I’m going to put the containers out on a side for a week. If you see one of your long lost items, please take it home.  At the end of the week I’ll throw out any remaining containers.

Storage Cupboards
The deposit has been paid on our new storage facilities. We hope to see the construction of these towards the end of this month. Thanks to Barry again for his work.

Clubhouse Entry
There was a suggestion from a member regarding switching the front door lock to a keypad with a code. The committee assumed that this was probably a request from one of the members who may come earlier than others to start setting up the kitchen.  There was a concern that a keypad code could very easily become common knowledge in the community with our over 220 members.  If there are any kitchen captains etc. who need early access to the clubhouse to set up a session, please see me for a key to the front door.

Christmas Party
We signalled earlier that we looking at trialling “finger food” at the evening Christmas party. Further to that we are going to explore the cost of having it catered to relieve the workload on members.

This year the club is going to hold five sessions where players can win red MP’s as a part of the qualifying sessions for the Under 100 Masterpoints Championship.  The sessions are planned to be held on:  Tuesday 10 October, Saturday 14 October, Wednesday 18 October, Thursday 19 October, Friday 27 October.  The sessions are open to all members but the results of players with less than 100MP’s may attract red MP’s from the ABF. They will try to separate players into different bands, e.g. 0-10, 10-25, 25-50, and 50-100.  Kiama has elected not to host the regional final but another club may do so.

System Cards
At the directors’ meeting held on Tuesday afternoon, the issue of whether to have system cards was once again raised, in light of the changed laws.  At this stage, the committee has decided not to introduce compulsory system cards but will review that decision if it is found that directors need players to have them to enable a ruling/decision to be made.  If the committee does decide to introduce compulsory system cards we will arrange an information session.  I had a go at filling out a system card for myself when I partner Marilyn on Fridays and I have attached it for people to see what I’m talking about.  If I did the same for my Thursday partner, Sandra, it would be very different as we play a very different system. I have attached a partially completed system card so members can see some of the differences and understand why eventually the directors may need us to have them so that they can make rulings knowing what system players are using.

Constitution Changes
The constitutional changes carried at our annual general meeting have now been registered with the Department of Fair Trading, thanks to John Hetherington.

Computer Repairs
During the week we had our computer repaired so that it is once again firing on all cylinders.  We are looking at ensuring the club laptop has all of the required software and licencing so that it can be used as a backup in the event of our main computer not being available.

We have many good intentioned members in our club, all trying to help our beginning players. Please note, however, that any advice given must reflect the system that they have been taught by Ann and Nerelle. It is different to the system learnt by myself just six years ago and different I suspect from the systems learnt by the majority of our players. This is particularly important in regard to bidding.  And for our beginning players, whilst it is completely normal to want to grow your bridge knowledge, make sure you are sticking to the system you are being taught.

As a related issue, at our next committee meeting, we are going to review the mentoring process we undertook this year. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please email them to me rather than telling me at the table as I’ll forget. If you don’t have email, write your feedback or suggestions down for me.

Small Tables
We are going to ensure that every table has at least two of the existing small, plastic tables during play. One can be shared by North and East and the other shared by South and West.  If you think you need a table all to yourself, you’re probably carrying too much around.  If your table has more than two small tables, e.g. you have an extra table sitting between East and South and/or between North and West,  you may have to give one or more up for another table to use.

Happy bridging.

  Email 8th August

Afternoon/Morning Tea
We have been in contravention of safety laws in having the tea/coffee trolley within a metre of the emergency exit.  This happened as we had placed the cups on a separate fold-up table so that people weren’t taking a cup from below the boiling water tap of the urn. It was a safety issue.  But we can’t continue that arrangement.  Today I have turned the trolley 90 degrees and removed the end handle from the trolley.  I have also turned the urn 90 degrees so that the urn tap now pours over the end of the trolley.  I have once again placed the cups on the trolley shelf, removed the table which we had added and moved the trolley further away from the emergency exit so that we now meet our safety requirements. Please do not move either back.  Members wishing to have a cup of tea or coffee should approach the trolley from the side to obtain their empty cups and tea bag etc. from there.  Under no circumstance should members take a cup from under the front of the trolley where the urn tap is. This is not only a safety issue but will also cause congestion.  Having the second trolley away from the kitchen servery and restricting its contents to biscuits, dips and cheese only, also seems to be working in relieving congestion.

Law Changes
As I mentioned previously, there have been changes to the laws of bridge. The most significant is the introduction of the concept of a “comparable call”.  The previous call/bid out of turn has been replaced with the concept of a “comparable call”. However, you still call the director if there has been an out of turn call/bid.  The previous insufficient bid has also been replaced with the concept of a “comparable call”. And again, you still call the director if there has been an insufficient bid.  Players will no longer be excluded from the entire auction due to a partner’s action.  Players may, however, be forced to pass for one round if partner infringes and then doesn’t make a comparable call.

Today, John Hetherington chaired a meeting of directors to discuss the rule changes.  We have also ordered a 2017 guide for each director so that they have the most current knowledge.  A director in making a decision about whether a bid is comparable (having the same or similar meaning as that previously erroneously bid) is, of course, problematic as there are many, many different systems that pairs use.  It’s a matter for the committee to discuss at the monthly meeting on Friday but the introduction of compulsory system cards may be implemented.  If this is implemented, I will bring up with the committee the matter of the club providing system cards and providing a training session for members regarding system cards.  The changes have the potential to take the director away from their own table and hand for longer periods if players question rulings around the director’s ruling on a comparable bid.  Any questioning of the director’s ruling is not only inappropriate but it keeps the director away from their own game which isn’t fair.  Please, as always, accept the director’s ruling and make the effort to develop your own knowledge around these rule changes.  And we’re always happy to see more directors come on board.

To Ian Blue who has recently been promoted to *Regional Master with 100MP’s and who is less than 2 red MP’s from being State Master.  A good achievement, however many people get rank promotions.  Much more importantly however is that Ian has been accredited as an ABF bridge teacher, joining only a small number of accredited teachers across Australia.  I would be very much surprised if there is more than a couple of clubs, like Kiama, to have two accredited teachers.  Ian and Ann showed their commitment to the teaching of bridge recently, travelling to Canada to undertake further training. Thank you both for your commitment.  Well done Ian on both achievements, well earned mate.

Thank You
To Graham Bradley for covering for me at the Goulburn inter-club and to my partner Sandra Gentle for being flexible in still representing our club. Unfortunately due to an issue with a tradesman not finishing work at my home, I can’t make it on the day. Thanks Graham and Sandra. Your actions protect our club’s standing and reputation and that’s important and appreciated.

Happy bridging.

  Email 15th July - Name Badges

I will be placing an order for name badges towards the end of this month on Friday 28 July.  I have attached an image which shows what they look like.  They attach via a magnet and so do not damage clothing. Another order will not be made until the new year. If you would like to order a club name badge, place $10 in a sealed envelope (bring one from home) and on the outside of the envelope write your name clearly in block letters. Underneath your name write “Name Badge order”. The next time you play bridge put this sealed envelope in your table’s plastic envelope along with your table fees.  The money will go to the treasurer who will inform me of any orders. If you are a player who plays in the Monday supervised session only, and who didn’t place an order with Ann recently, please give your money directly to Ann who will pass it along to me.