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16th May 2019 17:47 BST
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Best Behaviour at Bridge
Although KFBC is not affiliated to the EBU we do support the spirit of the Code of Conduct which can be found by following the link under 'Useful Links' above.
Welcome to Kimpton Friendly Bridge Club

Welcome to the website of Kimpton Friendly Bridge Club.

Due to space constraints the Club is not currently accepting new applications for membership. There is a waiting list for new members; if you wish to be placed on it, please contact us by using the form below. We are unable to guarantee that any non members who arrive for a club evening will be able to play.

Last updated : 25th Nov 2017 16:01 GMT

The annual Golf & Bridge Day will take place at Mid Herts Golf Club on Thursday 13 June. The cost of lunch is £14.50. If you wish to attend please add your name to the list on the Club noticeboard and pay Sue Newman no later than Thursday 6 June. Please note that THERE WILL BE NO BRIDGE AT CHURCH HOUSE ON THE EVENING OF 13 JUNE.

Last updated : 16th May 2019 17:47 BST

The following training sessions with Peter Clark have been arranged for 2019. All are on Saturday mornings starting at 10.00 am, and will be followed by lunch for those who wish to stay:

June 15: Post Mortem Pairs

September 28: Stayman & Transfers

November 30: Post Mortem Pairs


Last updated : 11th Mar 2019 19:11 GMT
23rd May 2019
Duplicate Pairs
Host: Paul Sugden
30th May 2019
Duplicate Pairs
Host: Carole Sugden
6th June 2019
'Draw for Partners' Evening
Host: Jenny Gelson
Duplicate Pairs
Scorer: david stewart
Duplicate Pairs
Scorer: Roger Cave
'Draw for Partners' Evening
Scorer: Roger Cave