Kendal Bridge Club
Carson Cup
Carson Cup

The Carson Cup takes place on Pairs nights on Thursdays in September, October and November (as shown in the calendar).
The cup is awarded to the pair with the highest average of their four best percentage scores.
Both players must be members before play starts for a result to count.
Click here for the 2017-18 results.
The holders are Mike and Sally-Ann Rothwell.

Previous Winners

2017-18   Mike and Sally-Ann Rothwell
2016-17   Mike and Sally-Ann Rothwell
2015-16   Mike and Sally-Ann Rothwell
2014-15   Mike and Sally-Ann Rothwell
2013-14   Malcolm Hartley and Michael Cox
2012-13   Mike and Sally-Ann Rothwell
2011-12   Malcolm Hartley and Michael Cox
2010-11   Malcolm Hartley and Michael Cox
2009-10   Jeff Harrison and Bill Wallis
2008-09   Philip and Sally Wraight
2007-08   Irene and Ray Gregory
2006-07   Philip and Sally Wraight
2005-06   Alan Anderson and Bill Thomson
2004-05   Peter Brown and Malcolm Hartley
2003-04   Alan Anderson and Bill Thomson
2002-03   Russ Nixon and Gordon Skene
2001-02   George and Elsie Schofield
2000-01   Albert Williams and Jean Crawshaw
1999-00   Geoff and Margo Gawith
1998-99   Geoff and Margo Gawith
1997-98   Ralph and Anne Rogerson
1996-97   Geoff and Margo Gawith
1995-96   Jeannie Johnson and Ken Walker
1994-95   Ralph and Anne Rogerson
1993-94   Babs Matthews and David Strawbridge
1992-93   Geoff and Margo Gawith
1991-92   Babs Matthews and David Strawbridge
1990-91   Geoff and Margo Gawith
1989-90   Harry Davis and David Strawbridge
1988-89   Harry Davis and John Farmer
1987-88   Harry Davis and John Farmer
1986-87   Mary Cooney and Esdille Ross
1985-86   Brian Ellis and Rod Newman-Holden
1984-85   Geoff and Margo Gawith
1983-84   Brian Ellis and Rod Newman-Holden
1982-83   George and Alma Parkinson
1981-82   Robin Stretch and Peter Thompson
1980-81   George and Alma Parkinson
1979-80   Robin Stretch and Peter Thompson
1978-79   Paddy Carson and Jim Hall
1977-78   Paddy Carson and Jim Hall
1976-77   Paddy Carson and Joyce Turner
1975-76   Paddy Carson and Jimmy McEwan
1974-75   Bob Pattinson and Barry Stoker
1973-74   Lawrence Parkin and Howard Vaughan
1972-73   Peter and May Brown
1971-72   Frank Hoyle and Dorothy Johnston