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Betty Limb Cup
Betty Limb Cup


The Betty Limb Cup, kindly donated by Kath Hendley, is an individual competition that takes place once a year. It was last held on Sunday 29 October 2017.

The cup is in memory of Betty Limb who lived from 17 June 1918 until 7 May 2015.

2017-18 Jacky Truelove
2016-17 Hilary Parker
2015-16 Mike Patefield

Betty Limb Individual
Betty Limb Individual

The third annual Individual Competition for the Betty Limb Cup took place on Sunday 29 October 2017.
Many thanks to Kath Hendley for organising the splendid afternoon tea. Congratulations to Jacky Truelove who won with 64.35%
Paul Thornton was second with 62.04% and joint 3rd were Jean Parsons and Sally-Ann Rothwell with 59.03%