The club uses “stratification” to award Master Points on Monday and Thursday evenings.

Players are divided into three categories (or “stratification levels”), based on their Master Point Rankings.

On Thursdays there are three categories:

  • A: Players ranked Regional Master and above
  • B: Players ranked at least Master, but below Regional Master.
  • C: Players ranked below Master.

A pair of mixed rank is assigned the category of the higher-ranked player.

For each stratification level, Master Points are awarded to the top third. Pairs that appear in the top third in more than one category will earn whichever points are most beneficial.

Lower-ranked pairs compete not only in their own category, but also in all higher categories.

On Mondays the three categories are:

  • A: Players ranked 1* Master and above
  • B: Players ranked at least County Master, but below 1* Master.
  • C: Players ranked below County Master.

Stratification is not used on Tuesdays.

The Master Points required for each of the ranks mentioned above are:

Regional Master 10,000 including at least 25 Green Points
1* Master 10,000
Master 5,000
County Master 2,500

Click here for the the full guide to Stratification.