Bridge Sessions
Monday Evening

Less experienced pairs are particularly welcome on Monday evenings. Please arrive by 6.50pm for a 6.55pm start.

Once a year there is a Pro-Am night. Each less experienced player will be drawn at random to play with an experienced player. Advance entry is essential. This is also a charity event.

Tuesday Evening

There are currently two separate sessions on Tuesdays.

The first  is for players wishing to enjoy a less exacting sociable session of 18 boards at a gentle pace of Duplicate Bridge starting at 6:50 for 6:55.

The other is for  Advanced Beginners:  players who understand the rudiments of bridge, and who want to improve their game. Typically these  players will be returners to bridge after a long break, or have recently completed a course of lessons for beginners. Please arrive by 7:00pm.

Wednesday Afternoon

Wednesday afternoons offer friendly and relaxed duplicate bridge. It is excellent for practice in a less formal group.
It is now in its summer break and will resume in September.
Please arrive by 12.50pm. Play is from 1pm to 4pm. No partner is required as there is a stand-in.
A lift can usually be arranged if requested the previous day.

Thursday Evening

Thursday is the main club evening. Players of all abilities are welcome. Please arrive by 6.50pm for a 6.55pm start.

The first Thursday of each month is Teams (when there is no stand-in available).