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  Seminar - Slam Bidding

Our next seminar led by Philip Wraight on Slam Bidding will take place at AHSC on the morning of Sunday 13th January 2019 starting at 10:00am. The cost will be £5.

Philip will use examples from the 40 or so sessions played at the club from September to November to answer two questions - how do we recognise hands where 12 tricks are possible and how do we stop short of bidding slam when the opponents can cash two tricks?

Please complete the form below if you are likely to attend.

  European Bridge Holiday

Exchange the damp cold February weather for a week in the sun in Cyprus.  Four KBC members are joining a bridge holiday in Cyprus from 20th – 27th February and would be very happy if others would like to join us. Flights from Manchester.  If you are interested please talk to Grant Bramwell and/or look at theFirst for Bridge / Arena Travel website. 

  Westmorland Teams Cup

Congratulations to Mike and Sally-Ann Rothwell, David Strawbridge and John Farmer who won the Westmorland County Teams Championship and now hold the Eva Wilde Trophy, beating Robin Rose, John MacLachlan, Malcolm Hartley and Michael Cox in the final which was played on Friday 7 December.

  Ellis Cup Final
Ellis Cup Final

Congratulations to  Sally-Ann Rothwell, Mike Rothwell, Robin Rose, John MacLachlan who have won the Ellis Cup 2018. In the final they defeated Tim Matthews, Ian Reeves, Babs Matthews and John Farmer.
The consolation final was won by Trevor Ward, Alan Anderson, James Carlisle, Sam Norman who defeated Sally Wraight, Philip Wraight, Dave Harrison, Jill Rushton

  Wednesday Bridge
Afternoon bridge takes place every  Wednesday . All members and bridge playing guests and improvers are welcome. There is no need to book as there is a stand in. Sessions start at 1pm so please be present by at least 12.55! We aim to finish at 4.00pm to accommodate carparking, and usually will play 18 boards in a duplicate session. If anyone has difficulty with transport please let Anne (01539583852 / 07748388014 / anneurquhart2@gmail.com)  know so that attempts can be made to arrange a lift. 
  Recent Results

The results from club, county and national competitions:

December 2018 Westmorland County Teams Cup (Eva Wilde) Mike Rothwell, Sally-Ann Rothwell, David Strawbridge, John Farmer
December 2018 Ellis Cup Sally-Ann Rothwell, Mike Rothwell, Robin Rose, John MacLachlan
December 2018 Westmorland Pivot Teams Tim and Babs Matthews, Ken Johnston, Ian Reeves
December 2018 Carson Cup Mike and Sally-Ann Rothwell
November 2018 Kay Linford Memorial Cup Grant Bramwell
October 2018 Betty Limb Individual Robin Rose
September 2018 Cumbria/Westmorland Swiss Pairs - 1st Mike and Sally-Ann Rothwell
September 2018 Wraight Handicap Cup Steve Barron and Andrew Peill
July 2018 Monday Cup Christine Ord-Smith and Peter Goulding
June 2018 Summer Cup Babs Matthews and John Farmer
June 2018 Summer Plate Judy Goodland and Laura Watson
April 2018 Eden Swiss Teams Babs Matthews, John Farmer, Rob Dixon, Ian Reeves
April 2018 Cumbria County Swiss Pairs Hilary Storey and Mike Patefield
April 2018 Northern Easter Festival Swiss Teams - 2nd Tim and Babs Matthews with Helen Wildsmith and Tim Chanter
March 2018 Westmorland County Pairs Philip Wraight and Richard Brazier
March 2018 Wraight Handicap Cup Janice Hornby and Janice Mitchell
March 2018 Cumbria Congress - 1st Pairs Qualifying Heat Jeremy Harris and John Ellwood
February 2018 Westmorland Teams Cup Dave Harrison, Jill Rushton, Philip and Sally Wraight
January 2018 Westmorland Individual Alan Farmer


11th December 2018
Tuition and Supervised Play
Director: Alison Jones
Scorer: Mary Simm
Stand-in: Phil Russell
12th December 2018
13th December 2018
Stand-in: Richard Brazier
Christmas Party
Director: Chris Wilkinson
Scorer: Robert Boyd
Ellis Cup Teams Final
Scorer: John Ellwood
Director: Anne Urquhart