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Prize Money

£10 per 100 local points.

KMBC members & visitors: please ensure you do NOT park in the parking bays of adjacent properties that have tenants.
We have 12 bays clearly marked"KMBC" including the disabled parking bay; if they are full please park either adjacent to Belfast Operatic Company's premises or use other spaces outside unoccupied units.
Disabled Parking Bay
Disabled Parking Bay

We now have a dedicated disabled car parking bay.  Please leave it free for those who need it.

Welcome to Kelvin Malone BC
Members' successes

Congratulations to our members on their success - Intermediate pairs

1: Stephanie Irwin & Rosemary Kilpatrick

3: Liz Thomas & Lesley Agar

full results on NIBU website


Visit of European Bridge League Representatives to Belfast

Cup Matches

Please do not arrange Cup matches for a Tuesday night - this is a club night in both rooms and we cannot guarantee we would have free tables.


As you will probably know, Bridge Magazine has stopped publishing for the foreseeable future. Ron Tacchi and I have decided to start a new venture by launching A New Bridge Magazine.

This is a free magazine!!!

Firstly if you have already registered with A New Bridge Magazine through the word of mouth campaign then we are sorry for troubling you.

If you visit you can see the new magazine. You can also register to ensure you are notified each time a magazine is published.

If you like the magazine then not only please register but also tell anyone and everyone you know who plays bridge that there is a new free bridge magazine available.

This is our first edition and will be improved in terms of both content and production over the coming months.


Here's hoping you will become a regular reader,


Mark Horton, Editor


Classes at KMBC

Tuesdays  10am  Beginners Ron Hall

                          1pm  Next Step  Ron Hall

Thursdays downstairs  10am & 1 pm Improvers   Norma Irwin   

Thursdays upstairs 11am Advancers  Robin Burns  

Tutor's contact details - see Menu LHS 

The Heat is On!
The Heat is On!

The heating time clocks have now been set and the boiler will come on automatically on the relevant days from 0920 to 1200 in the morning and 1840 to 2210 in the evening and 1310 to 1600 on Wednesday and Friday. The thermostatic radiator valves should be left on a setting of 3 which will enable us to check if they are all working correctly. Changing these to a higher setting will NOT heat the room any quicker but will result in over-heating the room so please leave them alone.  If you think a valve is not working properly please advise the director who will contact one of the Building sub-committee.

The advance facility on both time clocks will allow the user to advance the system to ‘ON’ when currently ‘OFF’ or switch the system ‘OFF’ when currently ‘ON’.

Club Rule - Seating Positions at the Table

Members and Visitors are reminded of the following rule:

At ALL Club sessions, prior to the playing of the first board, the tossing of a coin or drawing of lots will determine the NS & EW seating positions if one pair requests it.  Tournament Directors, players who for health reasons prefer to sit or move and those who can’t use the electronic scorers are exempt from this rule and get their choice. 

Barrier Details and Instructions Update – Sainsbury’s Gate Entrance
Barrier Details and Instructions Update – Sainsbury’s Gate Entrance

The Harbour Estate gate at Sainsbury’s (Tillysburn) is now controlled by automatic entrance and exit barriers from approximately 21.00 to 06.00 (Monday to Saturday) and all day Sunday.  If you come to the barrier and it is down drive up to the barrier, stop beside the pedestal, and present your Belfast Harbour plastic pass to the panel with a key on it and the barrier will then magically rise!  If you haven't got a pass press the intercom button and wait for a reply; state that you are coming from or going to Kelvin Malone Bridge Centre and the barrier will then magically rise!

In the event of a problem ring the Belfast Harbour Police on 028 9055 3000 and they will sort it out.

Kelvin Malone Bridge Centre

Is a Company Limited by Guarantee and a Registered Charity.

Company Registration No: NI 615888.  Charity Registration No: NIC101823.

Address and Registered Office: Harbour View Unit A1, Sydenham Business Park, 20 Heron Road, Belfast BT3 9LE.

The Club is affiliated to the Northern Ireland Bridge Union.



MONDAY: 7.20pm for 7.30pm UPSTAIRS - OPEN Pairs (TD on Duty)


TUESDAY: 7.20pm for 7.30pm UPSTAIRS - INT A/B Duplicate Pairs (TD on Duty)

TUESDAY: 7.20pm for 7.30pm DOWNSTAIRS - OPEN Pairs (TD on Duty)


WEDNESDAY: 1.20pm for 1.30pm DOWNSTAIRS - Duplicate for:- Ints & Improving Beginners; however it is permissible for a Senior player to participate if they are partnering an Intermediate or Improving Beginner player. No partner required. (TD Colin Jeffries 07946 301661)


FRIDAY: 9.50 for 10.00am UPSTAIRS – INT B Duplicate Session. No partner required.  (TD on Duty)

FRIDAY: 1.35pm for 1.45pm DOWNSTAIRS – INT A/B Duplicate Session; This session is primarily for Intermediate A and B players; however it is permissible for a Senior player to participate if they are partnering an Intermediate player. No partner required. (TD on Duty)


SATURDAY: 7.20pm for 7.30pm DOWNSTAIRS – Duplicate OPEN PAIRS (TDs Dymphna Friel/Seamus Sloan)

Seating Times

Members and visitors are reminded that they need to be in their seats 10 minutes before a session starts to facilitate setting up the electronic scoring.

Monday - 19.20 for 19.30

Tuesday - 19.20 for 19.30

Wednesday - 13.20 for 13.30

Friday morning - 09.50 for 10.00

Friday afternoon - 13.35 for 13.45

Saturday - 19.20 for 19.30

Looking for a Bridge Partner?

Monday Contact: Sam Tel: 028 9079 5706 or 077 6158 3438

Tuesday Contact: Marlene Tel: 028 9065 2113

Saturday Contact: Dymphna either by text or phone Tel: 077 4207 2111 

Partners aren't needed for Wednesday and Friday Inter sessions; just come along.

Director: df
Scorer: df
Fri am
Director: GH
Scorer: GH
Fri PM
Director: DRL
Scorer: DRL
Wed Afternoon
Director: CJ
Scorer: CJ
Tues Open
Director: CJ
Scorer: CJ
Inter A and B Pairs
Director: MH
Scorer: MH
Mon Open a
Director: SJ
Scorer: DRL