Kingston Duplicate Bridge Club
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On Sundays we hold a casual, shorter game and invite new players to join us.  The cost is $5 and partnerships are arranged. Game time is 12:30.
Mentor Night

Hey everyone!  We've got more Mentors!  First Thursday of the month we hold a mentor night, anyone with less than 500 master points is welcome to come out and play with our experienced players.  Great learning experience, come and sign up to play with a mentor.  Sign up at the club, thanks!

ABC Winners 2018
ABC Across the Board Champions


This award recognizes all C pairs who place 1st in sections A, B and C and 1st overall of an open game with a minimum of 7 tables.  The pair with the highest percentage for the year receives the ABC award (and their names are listed on the club plaque).  The award is restricted to ACBL and Club members.

2018 Across the Board Champions

Overall winners in Open Game

60.65%          January 3             Mac Johnston, John Gerretsen

63.28%          January 23            Deborah Bursey, Ray Rothenbury (Jr Fund Game)

58.80%          January 24             Mary Seifred, Margo Johnston

60.19%          February 12          Chris Caswell, Glenn Torrie (Can Wide STaC 18/312prs)

65.25%          February 16          Glenn Torrie, Ray Rothenbury

69.19%          February 24          Pat MacKay, Betty Ross

65.86%          March 11               Judy Cardwell, Gail Potts

59.26%          March 12               Riet Haaksman, Wayne Griffin

60.05%          March 19               Sharon Boal, Suzanne Lambert

63.39%          April 16                  Bill Forbes, Glenn Torrie

62.46%          May 4                     Maureen Day, Wayne Griffin

65.51%          May 24                   Ray Rothenbury, Marlene Young

59.72%          May 28                   Elizabeth Stott, Pam Walmsley

58.92%          June 6                     Chris Caswell, Ray Rothenbury

62.12%          June 11                  Lucy Tousignant, Julia Donovan

62.76%          July 11                    Eva Wiseman, Dave Cross

64.70%          July 24                    Elaine McDougall, Hamish Taylor

61.48%          Aug 3rd                    Marlene Young and Kathryn Wyborn

61.26%          Aug 28th                 Peggy Hutchinson and Vickie Lynn Macauley

60.91%          Aug 29th                 Julie Plante   and Wayne Griffin

67.31%          Sept 19th                Barry Wilson and Marlene Youngp>

59.63%          Sept 24th                Barry Wilson and Jack Klaassen

61.81%          Sept 28th                Tammy Gauvin and Judy Prince

66.67%          Oct 2nd                    Marlene Young and Kathryn Wyborn

58.18%          Oct 16th                  Rick and Barbara Marsden

59.81%          Oct 19th                  Petty Hutchinson and Vickie Lynn Macauley

58.33%          Oct 24th                  Maureen Williams and Susanna Hum

60.38%          Oct 30th                  Ray Rothenbury and Frances Szewczuk

62.96%          Nov 21st                Tara Oberai and Wayne Griffin

63.05%          Dec 6th                  Deborah Bursey and Don Gardner

62.56%         Dec 7th                   Bev Earle and Tim McCue

63.52%         Dec 10th                 Suzanne Lambert and Tara Oberai

60.44%         Dec 12th                 Bill Forbes and Glen Torrie