Kingston Duplicate Bridge Club
Kingston Duplicate Bridge Club
 New Game on Sundays at 12:30♥ Newcomers Welcome! This is a shorter more casual game.  A great reduced fee of $5, passes are allowed. Free game for anyone who brings a new player.
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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".
Slow Play

Slow Play

The ACBL Board of Directors has passed a policy regarding slow play which states in part:

"In the absence of compelling evidence to the contrary, the director should presume that a pair finishing a round late by more than two or three minutes on more than one occasion during a session is responsible for the lateness. There is a strong expectation that the director will penalize such a pair. The size of a penalty will tend to increase for subsequent instances of slow play and for chronic or egregious slow play."

There are several ways players can speed up their game, including:

  1. Lead before you write. Opening lead should be made before you attend to your paperwork.
  2. Save the socializing until your table has caught up.
  3. Claim when you are absolutely sure of the rest of the tricks. Be sure to clearly state your line of play.
  4. Review prior play only after the last board of the round.
  5. Get the hand over with. Stalling or otherwise putting opponents to sleep is poor sportsmanship and unfair.

Most of this is common courtesy. No one is trying to remove thinking from the game. However, it is the director's responsibility to maintain a level playing field and avoid any player having an extra advantage.

Last updated : 6th Jan 2018 12:55 EST
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KDBC STaC Overall Winners
Congratulations to all our STaC winners. Here are some overall highlights: Jim and Greg McKellar 3rd on Tuesday taking home 9.01 silver. Paddy Allan and Don Kersey placed 2nd overall on Wednesday winning 8.86 silver points. Other winners were Brian Moorby, Mike Fobert; Kevin Loughlin, Bert; John Finucan, Bob Fowkes; Kai and Sylvia; Kirti , Rod.  "B" winners: Ilona, Pat Mackay; Tara and Wayne; Bobby and Flo; Don Mallory. Lucy.
Last updated : 1st Feb 2018 09:37 EST
Sad news from our Unit President Tim Edward-Davies

Hi All. Very sad to hear this morning that Bobby Bambrick passed away yesterday. It was not a huge surprise but he had survived so much I was hoping he would pull through once again.A big loss to our unit and all of bridge (in addition to being a wonderful person and friend).

Last updated : 15th Feb 2018 16:10 EST