Jefferson Bridge Association (JBA), Charlottesville
Jefferson Bridge Association (JBA), Charlottesville
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Dec 11, 2017 13:57 EST
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>JBA is now playing at the CAVALIER INN<



The annual Membership Meeting of the Jefferson Bridge Association will be held on Wednesday, December 13 at the Cavalier Inn at 11:30 am. At that time, we will be electing members of the Board to replace the four members whose terms have expired.

We thank these Board Members who have served for the last six years (two terms of 3 years each. Special appreciation goes to Margot Carney, who has served as the Secretary of the Board, and to Andi Wilkinson, who has served on the Finance Committee and has given valuable guidance in financial decisions, and has insured that our ByLaws were maintained and practiced.   We also appreciate the service of Joe Daniel (my champion!)  and Annie Izard whose business and legal guidance has been so important to the work of the Board.

The following candidates have indicated their willingness to serve if elected. You will be given a ballot on Wednesday and asked to select four of these candidates.   A ballot is being sent to those who would like to vote but will NOT be at the Wednesday game. If you know you will not be there on Wednesday and want to participate as an absentee, please send me a request for a ballot.

Your Candidates - in alphabetical order:

Ray Brumbelow

Virginia Cenedella

Ralph Clifton

Cathryn Collins

Maggie Eckman

Elliot Mininberg

John Pritchard

Please give this group careful consideration and be prepared to make your choices on Wednesday. All JBA players who have participated in eight (8) games are considered members are eligible to vote.

A pizza lunch will follow the election. Awards will be made in January, so that a full year of results can be included in the calculation.


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The changes have been serialized in the Ruling the Game section of the Bridge Bulletin from July through November. Two of the ones that are easy to explain are:

  1. As of Jan 1, 2018 the stop card will no longer be in the bidding box at tournaments. ACBL has suggested we eliminate them at the club level as well. The opponent to the left of the bidder who makes a skip bid is still required to wait before he makes his bid.
  2. If no dealing machine is used, in dealing the cards manually, no two consecutive cards from the deck can be placed in the same hand. So deal them out one at a time in four consecutive piles as though you were dealing at the party bridge table. Since dealing five piles and combining the first and last piles puts the 5th card in the same hand as the 6th card, this also cannot be done.

The Laws of Duplicate Bridge
Effective Sept 25, 2017

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click on

Choose Your Finesse – Part 1
By BBOer Konijn7 (Oren Lidor)


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♠ Silver for Ray♠ 


 New Life Master and New Bronze 

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District 6  -

"Table Talk"


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Congratulations to

Alex Marshall, La Donna Dodge, Linda Daniel, Terry Fry

Amazing and accomplished JBA players receiving a varity of Life Master Points


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Bringing Home the Bling.    Congratulations!

On February 18, 2017 the JBA team of Daria Snider and Alex Marshall and Faye and Jerry Rosenthal, won the Colonel Reidelbach Trophy at the Richmond Bridge Center.  Twelve teams, with a maximum of two Life Masters per team, participated in this one session event.  The Reidelbach Trophy has been awarded since 1962.

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In order to accommodate our players who have severe mobility issues and require a N/S assignment, Elliot needs to know in advance if you are coming. 

Please be sure to call him 24 hours in advance  if you will be there and must have a N/S assignment.    If you do not call in advance, then you may not get the seating you need.

Elliot's cell phone number is:   434-825-8523

If he can count on you to be there for all games or on a regular schedule, you can tell him that and call ONLY when you are not going to be there.

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New plastic convention card covers of various colors are here!  Get yours at the club for $2.00 each. Ask Nan.