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The Competitions area has been restored to the menu. BridgeWebs is unable to handle corrected game score reports, and so the Competitions lists are not perfectly accurate. However, they will enable you to see approximately where you stand in the mp races. The authoritative list is the one that is posted on the bulletin board at the club.

Jacksonville School of Bridge
3353 Washburn Rd.
Jacksonville, FL 33250
Phone: 904-223-3837

Email us using the Contact Us form in the Information section.

Mentoring Program

The mentoring program is designed to help people who have not yet achieved Life Master status improve their bridge skills. This program provides a wonderful opportunity to increase a novice's skill in bidding, defense and declarer play by working and playing with a more experienced partner in a regular game environment. The following are the guidelines for the Mentoring Program:

  1. Program period is from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017.
  2. Mentee must be a current paid member of the Jacksonville School of Bridge. 
  3. Mentee must have less than 300 Masterpoints. 
  4. Mentee should play with their Mentor once a month or at least 8 times per year.
  5. It is up to the Mentee to play with their Mentor at a time that is convenient for your Mentor. 
  6. Mentees must play an additional 12 times per year at the Jacksonville School of Bridge (in addition to the times you play with your Mentor).  In this way you will become more experienced, will be practicing what your Mentor is teaching and you will be supporting the club that sponsors the program.

Individuals interested in participating in the Program should contact Dane Margol, Chair, at or 904-993-9724; or Nancy Whitmire, at or 904-683-6347.