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An extra beginners bridge course started recently - not too late to join in. Or put your name down for the next beginners course, polish up your skills with Consolidation or Intermediate classes.

Come and improve your play at our friendly dupLicate sessions, with advice at hand if you wish. No partner required. Most Wednesday afternoons, Thursday evenings and some Sunday afternoons. Contact us for more information. 

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What's it all about?
Advanced lessons at Hull Bridge Club

Over the summer 2013, we have been running some lessons for people who'd like to sharpen up their bridge skills. 

The lessons continue on the 27th August (Declarer play) and on the 24th September (Bid better! Play better!). 

This invitation is aimed (primarily but not exclusively) at experienced players who wish to improve their competitive play, especially those who would like to represent the Club in Inter-City teams of 8, Teams of 4 and other competitions plus those who already do so. The primary focus is on improving our play at teams.

Each set of notes given out will be available for download here. Contact Tim Prior with queries:


Known problem: some of these pdfs are not rendered properly in Firefox. (IE and Chrome seem okay) If you have this problem, send me an email I will let you have the pdf.