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Now is the time to think about taking up bridge. We are thinking of starting an extra beginners bridge course in APRIL 2018. Let us know if you would like to join those who already have their names down.

Or polish up your skills with Consolidation or Intermediate classes.

New Intermediate course started on Thursday 11 January and will continue weekly on Thursday AFTERNOONS at 1.30 p.m.

Come and improve your play at our friendly dupLicate sessions, with advice at hand if you wish. No partner required. Most Wednesday afternoons, Thursday evenings and some Sunday afternoons. Contact us for more information. 

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Trophy Holders
Trophy Holders
Trophy Competion Awarded Holders
Jack Mullin Cup Monday  Handicap October 2017 Julie Ellam & Patricia Marshall
Laurie Swaine Trophy Monday  Scratch October 2017 Don Haines & Alan Stone
Minnie Brown Cup   October 2017 David Wilson & Mark Ballantine
Elsie Bailey Cup   May 2017 Frank Smith
J.L. Dunn Cup   November 2016 Don Haines & Joan Coombes
Albert Myerhoff Cup   December 2017 Andy Kaye & Hazel Andersen
Herman Bush   May 2017 David Wilson, Mark Ballantine, Tim Prior & Ken Balkwill
Championship Pairs   April 2017 David Wilson & David Rose
Sophie Winer   April 2017 Audrey Dixon & Richard Hooke
Winter Monthly Teams   April 2017 David Wilson, David Rose, Mark Ballantine & Laurie Jackson
Wednesday Cup (Scratch)   April 2017 David Wilson & Mark Ballantine
Wednesday Cup (Handicap)   April 2017 Rose Spilberg & Lester Battersby
GV Moore Cup Teams of 8 February 2017 University Staff House
 Cyril Harris CupCCyril Harris Cup Handicap Teams January 2018 Fay Carr, Alison Tomkys, Frank Smith & Dick Hicks
John Colley Cup   March 2018 Alan Stone& Don Haines       Barney Nisbet & Ken Balkwill
City Cup   November 2017 Alan Stone & Lester Battersby