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Please note that the Club Championship Pairs, which incorporates the Andrew Trevanion Memorial Silver Plate and Pat Townend Trophy will now be played on Sunday14th April 2019.



The Club shall be called “Huddersfield Contract Bridge Association and Club” and shall promote the playing of Bridge in Huddersfield and District

  General Rules


1.     The Club  shall affiliate with Yorkshire Contract Bridge Association (YCBA) and the English Bridge Union (EBU).  Members of the club shall be classified as (i) Full, (ii) Honorary, (iii) Young (Students and people under 25). (See rules 13 and 14.)

The club premises may be used (subject to invitation by a member) by people under 18 years, by guests and by visitors.  Committee members and tournament directors (See rule 19) may ask non-members to leave the premises and to observe rule 19.
For eligibility for membership see rule 13.
For election of members see rule 14.

2.     Management

The management of the club and the management and disposal of the funds, property and assets thereof shall (subject to any special provisions of these Rules) be under the control of a Committee consisting of the Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary (who shall be ex officio members) and seven members of the Club as ordinary committee members.  The purchase for the Club and the supply by the Club of intoxicating liquor shall be managed by the Committee.  The supply of intoxicating liquor in the Club premises shall be permitted from 11.30 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. on any day at the discretion of the Committee.

3.     Election of Officers and period of service.

A Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Auditors shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall hold office for one year, but shall be eligible for re-election.  The manner of nomination and election of such Officers and filling of a casual vacancy shall be the same as provided in Rule 4 in respect of the nomination and election of ordinary committee members.

4.     Election of Committee

        Members of the Committee shall be elected for two years.  After two years they will retire, but shall be eligible for re-election.  The mode of election shall be as follows:-  A nomination sheet shall be posted at least four weeks before the Annual General Meeting (AGM);  any two members of the Club may nominate members for all Offices and Committee by proposing and seconding a nominee on the Club notice board. This list of nominees shall be closed one week before the date of the AGM.  If necessary, voting shall be by a ballot of the members present at the AGM.  In the case of a casual vacancy, the Committee may at its discretion fill it and the member so appointed shall for the purposes of these Rules take the place of the vacating member.

5.     Chairman

The Chairman shall when present preside at all General Committee meetings of the Club and at all meetings of the Committee.  In the absence of the Chairman the meeting of the Committee shall elect its own Chairman.

6.     Treasurer

The Treasurer shall keep all books of accounts and shall cause to be paid into such Bank as the Committee may direct, to the credit of the Club, all monies received and shall submit a Profit and Loss account and Balance Sheet made up to the 31st March in each year to the AGM, such Profit and Loss Account and the Balance Sheet previously being certified by the Auditor(s) elected at the previous AGM. All payments by the Club are to be made by or through the Treasurer.

7.     Secretary

The Secretary shall keep correct records of all proceedings at all meetings of the Club and its Committee, shall produce such records at all meetings thereof and shall prepare a list of all attendances at all Committee meetings held during the year and submit it at the AGM, if called for. The Secretary, or in his/her absence, the Chairman, shall summon all meetings of the Club and Committee and make available a copy of the Treasurer’s financial statement to all members at the AGM. He/she shall also enrol members and give all notices required by the Rules for the time being.

8.     Trustees

There shall not be more than four Trustees of the Club including any Trust Corporation appointed pursuant to the power hereinafter contained.  The first Trustees shall be appointed by the Committee and the property of the Club (other than cash which shall be under the control of the Treasurer) shall be vested in them to be dealt with by them as the Committee shall from time to time direct by resolution (of which an entry in the minute book shall be conclusive evidence).  The Trustees shall be indemnified against risk and expense out of the Club property.  

The Trustees shall hold office until death or resignation, or until removed from Office by a resolution of the Committee who may for any reason which may seem sufficient to a majority of them present and voting at any meeting remove any Trustee or Trustees from the Office of Trustee.  If by reason of any such death, resignation or removal it shall appear necessary to the Committee that a new Trustee or Trustees shall be appointed, or if the Committee shall deem it expedient to appoint an additional Trustee(s), the Committee shall by resolution nominate the person or persons to be appointed the new Trustee(s).  For the purposes of giving effect to such nomination the Chairman for the time being is hereby nominated as the person to appoint new Trustees of the Club within the meaning of Section 36 of the Trustee Act 1925, and he/she shall by deed duly appoint the person or persons so nominated by the Committee as the new Trustee(s) of the Club and the provisions of the Trustee Act 1925 shall apply to any such appointment. Any statement of fact in any such deed of appointment shall in favour of a person dealing bona fide and for value with the Club or the Committee be conclusive evidence of the fact so stated.

A Trust Corporation as defined by the Law of Property Act 1925, may be appointed a Trustee to act alone or jointly with an individual(s) and shall be entitled to charge and be paid such remuneration and otherwise shall be appointed upon such terms and conditions as may be agreed between the Committee and it: where a Trust Corporation acts jointly with an individual(s) then all securities and documents relating to property and assets vested in the Trustees shall be kept in the exclusive custody of the Trust Corporation (any such individual having reasonable facilities for inspection).

9.     Borrowing Powers

If at any time the Club in Extraordinary General Meeting shall pass a resolution authorising the Committee to borrow money, the Committee shall thereupon be empowered to borrow for the purposes of the Club such amount of money either at one time or from time to time at any such rate of interest and in such form and manner and upon such security as shall be specified in such resolution and thereupon the Trustees shall at the discretion of the Committee make all dispositions of the Club property or any part thereof and enter into such covenents and agreements in relation thereto as the Committee may deem proper for giving security for such loans and interest. All members of the Club, whether voting on such resolution or not, and all persons becoming members of the Club after the passing of such resolution, shall be deemed to have assented to the same as if they had voted in favour of such resolution.

10.   Liabilities of Members

        All liabilities or payments which the Committee has incurred or made or may incur or make in the conduct of the Club or which the Trustees or any of them with the consent of the Committee have incurred or made or may from time to  time incur or make for the purpose of the Club or under the covenants or obligations entered into in any deed or agreement or the obligations laid down by law in respect of the Clubrooms, buildings and lands or on any other account whatsoever in the course of the Club’s business and any liabilities which may be incurred by the Trustees by reason of the breach of any such covenant or obligation shall as to liabilities or payments incurred or made by the Committee, be made good by those persons (in proportion to their Club subscriptions) who have been members at any time since the commencement of the complete financial year preceding the financial year in which such liabilities or payments were incurred or made (or to be made or incurred by reason of their being required to perform the covenants or obligations above mentioned) and as to liabilities or payments made or incurred by the Trustees then by those persons who have been members at any time since the commencement of the complete financial year which preceded the financial year in which the Trustees or any of them shall have notified in writing to the Secretary that they or he/she have/has been required to discharge any such liability make any such payments or perform any such covenants or obligations or to compensate for the breach or non-performance thereof.  The amount of any such liability and the contributions to be made by each member in respect thereof shall be ascertained and certified by the Auditor(s) of the Club. The certificate of the Auditor(s) shall be conclusive.

11.   Powers of the Committee

        The Committee shall have power subject to the subsequent approval of a General Meeting to make, revoke or alter any bye-law which they from time to time deem necessary to be made, revoked or altered for the regulation of play, management of the Club house and any other matters so long as such bye-law is not inconsistent with the Rules. Four members of the Committee shall form a quorum. The Committee shall have the power to appoint sub-committees. Such sub-committees shall be chaired by a Committee Member. The Committee shall have power to co-opt on sub-committees Ordinary members of the Club who are not members of the Committee. In case of an equality of votes the Chairman shall have the casting vote.

12.   Meetings

        The Ordinary meetings of the Committee for the election of members and any other business shall be held as convened by the Secretary. The Annual General Meeting of the Club for passing the Treasurer’s accounts, electing Officers, revising the Rules, approving bye-laws and for any other business shall be convened by the Committee after the 1st May in each year and 15 months shall not elapse without an Annual General Meeting being held. Extraordinary General Meetings shall only be called by the Committee, or at the request in writing of not less than 20 members to attend and vote thereat or should the number of members be less than 100 then one fifth of such number. Save as provided by Rule 22 at least 14 clear days notice shall be given by posting a notice on the Club noticeboard of all General Meetings. Each member present in person shall be entitled to one vote at General and Extraordinary General Meetings and in the event of an equality of votes at any Meeting the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.

13.   Membership

        The membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March.  The classifications of members referred to in Rule 1 are detailed below.

(i)    Full members shall pay an annual subscription.  New members shall pay a Joining Fee  (Entrance fee).  Club subscriptions and the entrance fee are paid through the Club Treasurer.

(ii)   Honorary Members. The Committee shall have the power to elect a limited number of persons being   already members as Honorary members without subscriptions.  For the purposes of Rules 10 and 22 Honorary members are considered to have paid the subscription and are to be treated in the same way as all other paid up members. Honorary members may not be elected as Officers or members of the Committee.

(iii)  Young members (Students and people under 25).  The Club wishes to encourage such people to use the Club initially as Guests.  For people 18 or over membership in the above classifications is also available (see Rule 15).  They shall pay half of the full membership subscription until they reach their 25th birthday.

The maximum total number of members shall be fixed by the Club at each Annual General Meeting.

14.   Election of Members

        Candidates for election to any membership classification or category must be proposed and seconded by two members of the Club to whom they must be personally known and who must be responsible for their eligibility.  The name of the candidate and that of the proposer and seconder shall be entered on an application form for that purpose.  All candidates shall sign an application for membership a form of which may be made available and shall be posted on the Club noticeboard at least seven clear days before the next Committee meeting.

No candidates shall be elected by less than ¾ of the Committee members personally present. When a candidate has been duly elected the Secretary shall notify him/her in writing requesting him/her to remit the appropriate amount direct to the Treasurer. Until this is done (see Rule15) the candidate shall not use the Club premises as a member and if one month elapses without payment the Committee may at its discretion declare the election null and void. A copy of the Rules shall be made available to members on request.

15.   Entrance Fee (Joining Fee) and Annual Subscription

        The entrance fees for new members and annual subscriptions for the various categories shall be determined by the Committee and confirmed by the members in General Meeting from time to time.  Any new member elected before a date to be determined by the Committee (at present 1st November) shall be liable to pay the full year’s subscription. Thereafter only half the full rate for their category of membership will be payable in the first year.  In both cases the full entrance fee is payable. All subscriptions shall become due and payable on 1st April in each year.  The Committee may organise an incentive scheme to encourage prompt payment of subscriptions.  If a member has not paid his/her subscription by 5th May the Secretary shall send a notice calling attention to this Rule. If the subscription is subsequently not received by 19th May there will be a surcharge of £2.  When a member is two months in arrears their membership is automatically terminated. Those whose Club membership lapses for any reason become subject to Rules 13, 14 and 16 (but see 17 if a member is going to be abroad for a substantial period).

16.   Resignation and Re-election

        Any member who resigns and subsequently seeks re-election must do so as a stranger and may at the discretion of the Committee be required to pay the full entrance fee and subscription. Any member who resigns or is expelled in accordance with the Rules or otherwise ceases to be a member of the Club shall forfeit all such rights to, or claim upon, the Club or its property, assets or funds as he/she otherwise would have by reason of membership.

17.   Members Abroad

Any member who intends being abroad for the whole of the period between 1st April and 19th May should notify the Secretary beforehand and make arrangements to pay their annual subscription to the Treasurer in advance.  Any member going abroad for a continuous period of between three and eleven months inclusive should notify the Secretary so that the Treasurer can arrange to reduce the following year’s Club subscription by one quarter for every three months or part thereof of such absence (but discounting the first two months of such absence). This concession is therefore limited to at most three quarters of the annual Club Subscription.          Any member who shall inform the Secretary that he/she proposes to be absent from the U.K. during the entire period covered by the annual Club subscription shall not in his/her absence be liable to pay the same. Immediately upon return to the U.K. he/she shall be liable for the current year’s subscription on payment of which he/she shall be admitted to all privileges of the Club.

18.   Expulsion

The Committee shall have power to expel any member whose conduct, in its opinion, has been such as to forfeit his/her right to be a member, provided:

(a)    The member shall be invited to explain his/her conduct to the Committee before any steps are taken to expel him/her.

(b)    If no explanation is received, or the explanation is not acceptable to the Committee he/she shall be asked to resign.

(c)    If he/she is invited to resign and the resignation is not received within 14 days thereafter the following provisions shall apply:

(i)                 A meeting of the Committee shall be summoned to consider a resolution for his/her  expulsion.

(ii)                The quorum for the meeting shall be ¾ of those entitled to attend. 

(iii)               The resolution shall be deemed effective and the member’s name shall be removed from the Club Roll if not less than ¾ of those present vote in favour of the resolution. 

(iv)               Any disciplinary action taken by the Committee shall be subject to confirmation at a General Meeting of members, providing the expelled member has given notice of appeal supported by a minimum of eight members, within 14 days of notice of expulsion.

Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions, any member who is for the time being suspended from membership of the EBU, or is expelled therefrom, shall automatically cease to be a member of the Club. Should they subsequently wish to re-apply for Club membership then Rules 13, 14, 15 and16 apply and in the meanwhile Rule 19 applies.

19.   Guests

A member may introduce a guest visitor in his/her company and shall on each occasion enter the name of the guest in the Visitor’s Book provided that no member shall introduce any person as a guest whom the Committee has expressed the wish that he/she should not be introduced.

20.   The Club welcomes casual visitors who should introduce themselves to the Tournament Director and be “signed in” in the Visitor’s Book (but see Rule 1).

21.   Alteration of Rules

No Rule of the Club shall be repealed or altered, and no new Rule shall be made, save by a majority of the members present and voting at a General Meeting and 14 clear days notice must be given to the Secretary of any proposal to alter the Rules.

22.   Competitions

A limited number of competitions may be held each year, such competitions to be fixed only by the Committee, and the arrangements to be in the hands of the Committee.

23.   Dissolution

        If at an Extraordinary General Meeting of which not less than 21 clear days notice in writing shall have been given, and at which not less than ½ the members shall be present a resolution for the dissolution of the Club shall be passed by a majority of 2/3 of the members voting thereon, the Committee shall thereupon or at such future date as shall be specified in such resolution, proceed to realise the property and assets of the Club and after the discharge of all liabilities shall divide the same in proportion to the amount each member has paid in Club Annual Subscriptions in respect of the financial year in which such resolution shall be passed and upon the completion of such division the Association and Club shall be dissolved   


(5th June 2009)