Welcome to Horning Bridge Club
  • East Winner Hazel Carney
  • Gift of Thanks to Cathy and David
  • North Winner Jenny Pearce
  • Slam Bid and Made Winners Mike and Brian
  • Slam Bid and Made Winners Pat and Suzanne
  • South Winner Hilary Earner
  • Trick with a 2 Winner Christine Summers
  • West Winner Gill Trevaskis

The annual Christmas Party was held by Horning Bridge Club on Monday 10th December 2018.  Chief tournament director Robert Harber greeted arriving members with a festive drink, which they enjoyed whilst awaiting start of play.  A mid-session interval was taken where all sampled a fantastic selection of savouries and sweets that members had provided for the occasion.

A fun bridge pivot movement was played and at the end of play scores were totted up resulting in individual North, South, East and West winners. Additional prizes were also presented for the winners of "Trick with a 2" and "Slam Bid and Made". Prizes were presented by Chairman Ron Hunt.

Chairman Ron Hunt also presented Cathy and David Smith with a gift of thanks for their continuing work behind the scenes to maintain the successful running of the Club.

North Winner: Jenny Pearce (3,280)

South Winner: Hilary Earner (2,730)

East Winner: Hazel Carney (1,340)

West Winner: Gill Trevaskis (1,660)

Trick with a 2 Winner: Christine Summers

Slam Bid and Made Winners: Pat Whittle and Suzanne Gill (6NT), Brian Cunningham & Mike Williams (6S)


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Welcome to the

Horning Bridge Club


The Club was orginally established in 2000 by Suzanne Gill with some very enthusiastic members.


Affiliations:  Norfolk Contract Bridge Association (NCBA) and the English Bridge Union (EBU)


More details can be found under the header  'Information' > 'Where and When' and > 'How to Find Us'


17th December 2018
Duplicate Pairs
Horning Village Hall
6.30 pm for 6.45 pm start
24th December 2018
31st December 2018
Daytime Bridge
Director: David Smith
Scorer: David Smith
Founders Cup Round 3
Director: Peter Bowman
Scorer: David Smith
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Robert Harber
Scorer: Robert Harber