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Follow the link to HIWCBA's own dedicated learn bridge in hampshire and Isle Of Wight website.
Although HIWCBA are not the only people arranging learning and teaching events near here.
Also look out for events organised by EBED & 3 counties bridge. In parrticular if you look at the 3 counties bridge site you will notice that they hold their learning weekends in the New Forest (Hampshire) at the Balmer Lawn Hotel.
Follow the links to their websites to look for events, though, please, as that helps keep this website low maintenance.

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2018-2019 Season Seminars Crossfield hall, Romsey

Improve your Bridge.

Seminars with Dave Huggett,
ex England International, writer and teacher

Sunday 30th September 2018, 4 Nov 2018  and 24 Feb 2019

 at 3pm until 6pm.
Crosfield Hall. Broadwater Road, Romsey. SO51 8GL

Dave's seminars are suitable for all players who are looking to improve their game. The courses will consist of an illustrated lecture lasting a maximum of one hour, there will be a half hour break for refreshments, then a series of set hands to play to illustrate and reinforce the course material. Full notes will be available at the end of the seminar.

This year the title of the first seminar is ‘one, two that will do... or will it’. David will look at some commonly occurring auctions and ask, should we now pass, bid game or make a game try. He will explain game try bids, slam try bids and give guidelines on when to move and when to pass.
The second seminar will follow a similar theme and is titled ‘Small and Grand’. David will look at the most exciting and dangerous part of the game, bidding grand slams accurately. When should you try for a grand slam and when should you settle for just 6 or even game.
The third seminar will be titled ‘The blue card in the the box’ It will look at using the redouble card and also using the double card in lead directing scenarios.

Numbers are on each seminar, so to book your place email or phone now or use form below.                02380 702934

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