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HIWCBA Sim Pairs Competition Entry
2018-2019 HIWCBA Sim Pairs Events

HIWCBA will be running four Sims Pairs events again this year:

Simple Systems Simultaneous Pairs, October 29th – November 2nd (2018)

Chidwick Cup Simultaneous Pairs (Charity Event), December 3rd - 7th (2018)

IBM Cup Simultaneous Pairs (Charity Event), February 11th – 15th (2019)

Bayer No-Fear Simultaneous Pairs, April 29th - May 3rd (2019)

The first of these, the Simple Systems in October/November, provides a suitable ‘taster’ for competitive bridge for those who don’t regularly take part in duplicate events. Because it is scored
across many venues, players will get a chance to see how well (or badly!) they are performing across a wider field than their usual group. In order encourage as many of you as possible to enter the
County will be making no charge (over your normal table money) for the event.

The hands will be a mixture of random deals and some instructive hands from Dave Huggett and No-Fear Bridge. A commentary will be available to participants at the end of the event.

The event is open to all, but as the name implies fancy bidding systems are not permitted! So the more advanced players in your club won’t be able to gain any advantage by using their bidding
‘toys.’ There will be events in a number of established clubs; maybe you would like to find out if and when your local club is running a heat.

We would also like to increase the number of smaller clubs and ‘improvers’ groups to take part. To run a heat all you need to do is be able to get together three full tables and play 21 boards in one
session sometime during the week of October 29 - 2 November. Access to dealing machine and computer scoring would be useful, but we may be able to help.

If you are interested in running a heat or would just like to know more please e-mail Mike Kinsey at


Simple Systems Card