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Tollemache Team Application
Tollemache Team Selection Rules

Tollemache Cup ; Inter-county championship for teams of eight.

Qualifying Round

Applications are invited from pairs wishing to represent Hampshire and the Isle of Wight (‘HIWCBA’) in the above competition which will be held at the Staverton Estate Hotel, Daventry on Saturday 17th November and Sunday 18th November 2018.

All applicants must have prime EBU allegiance to HIWCBA for the 2018-2019 season.

Applicants must have been successful, as a pair, in at minimum, major county events.

Both members of each pairing must make application - indicating their mutual willingness to play together in the competition.

Players may only apply as part of one pairing.

Applications must be received by Monday 15th October 2018.

When the applications have been received the committee will select 5 pairs to represent HIWCBA plus 1 reserve pair to replace any of the selected pairs that withdraw. Confirmation of availability will be requested after completion of the selection process.

Provided that pairs meet the criteria listed above, selection of 3 pairs will be based on each pair’s combined Gold Point scores as of 1st September 2018. The committee reserves the right to select the 4th and 5th pair using whatever criteria it deems appropriate but consideration will be given to performances in the major county competitions and National competitions in addition to the pair’s Gold Point scores. The EBU has provided the committee with the appropriate Gold Point information in respect of the above dates. That data can be made available to any potential applicant on request – but only in respect of his/her own Gold Point score. Allowance will be made for points earned prior to Sept 1st but not yet officially credited.   

In the event of one of the originally-selected pairs being unable to play then the reserve pair will be asked if they are still available. If they are not, or if more than one pair withdraws, or any withdrawal is very close to the date of the actual competition, then whilst every attempt will be made to use the original selection criteria, the committee reserves the right to select a pair or pairs that it hopes will maximise the performance of the HIWCBA team.