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Pottage Cup

2016-2017 Pottage Cup Winners :: Ed Ahern & Ian Giles

HIWCBA Pottage Cup Rules
Pottage Dates

The Pottage Cup is the HIWCBA pairs championship.
Final (16 pairs 45 boards) :: Sunday 29th April In Romsey 2pm start
Semi-final (NOTE DATE CHANGE FROM THAT ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED) :: Sunday 18th March in Romsey 2pm start
NOTE: Semi-Final is a single session event starting at 2pm. This year the event may be run in two sections but then the results will be combined to give one list and the top 16 to qualify for the final
Heats in clubs - Now complete.
Finalists: Please inform Keith Bennett ( ) if you can't make the final so that the reserves can be informed and play in your place.


Pottage Qualifiers

The following people have qualified for the Pottage Final :

Stuart Strachan & Eleanor Rice, Steve Tearle & Tracey Adams, Martin & Claire Bevan, Tony Truluck & Stuart Burnett, Jon Stredwick & Simon Wernick, Kim Beazley & David Craggs, Richard & Christine Ray, John Fairhurst & Keith Bennett, Andrew Bennett & David Hinkin, Stephen Scott & Simon Taylor, Lilias Lamont & Andrew Doye, Sandra Ruffell & Mary Lucas,  Ed Ahern & Ian Giles, Heather West & Philippa Bateman,(Replaced by 1st reserves:: Bo Deyal & Michael Gwilliam), Mike Kinsey & Mike Fithyan, Ursula Henzell & Diana Syms.

Please contact Keith Bennett if you are in the list above and cant play in the final so that reserves can be called up (1st 2nd & 3rd reserves are : Bo Deyal & Michael Gwilliam (now qualified - see above), Guy Lawrenson & Michael Yeo,Sean & Colleen Haffey)

The following people qualified for the Pottage semi final and were initially identified by the director of the qualifying heat as wishing to play in the semi-final.
(any crossed out have since withdrawn):

Titchfield heat qualifiers : John Wilson & Roger Johnson, Phil Runchman & Roz Reid, David Stone & Celia Parsons, Bo Deyal & Mike Gwilliam, Lia Deyal & Chhaya Nathwani
Lymington Heat Qualifiers: Stephen Rotherham & Andrew Bingley, Michael Branfoot & John Taylor, Philippa Bateman & heather West, David Heywood & Diana Townsend, Maggie Webb & Patrick Hill
Petersfield Heat Qualifiers : Mike Kinsey & Mike Fithyan, Tony Truluck & Stuart Burnett, Stephen Scott & Simon Taylor, Lilias Lamont & Andrew Doye, Nick Silk & Dennis Adams, Dave Hinkin & Andrew Bennett, Ursula Henzell & Diana Syms
Hayling Island Heat Qualifiers :  Graham Broadbent & Dinos Theophanous, Nigel Whiteman & Mike Wooding, Jim Norman & Leigh Harding
Andover Heat Qualifiers : None (All who wished to play attained <50%)
Swanmore Heat Qualifiers :
Jon Stredwick& Simon Wernick, Tricia Hill & Adrian Rutter, Guy Lawrenson & Michael Yeo, Dave Goodlake & Neil Goulding, Barry Mitchell & Dave Ross
Newport Heat Qualifiers : Marilyn Barrell & Gay Bessant, Angela Clark & Rob Paton
Basingstoke Heat Qualifiers: Chris Kinloch and David Lewis, Keith Bennett and John Fairhurst, Sean and Colleen Haffey, Steve Tearle and Tracey Adams, Sandra Ruffell and Mary Lucas, Richard and Christine Ray
Newbury Heat Qualifiers:  M. Nurmohamed and Phil Downham, John Harland and Nicola Foster, Sue Oliver and John Foster, Stuart Strachan and Eleanor Rice, Martin and Claire Bevan
Island Heat Qualifiers: Eric & Christine Naughton, Bud & Margaret Abbott
Badger Farm qualifiers: Kim Beazley and David Craggs, Ed Ahern and Ian Giles