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Jubilee Team of Eight Competition Entry

For 2018/2019, the Jubilee Teams Of Eight will be £10 per head (collected on the day). This will include a plated tea

2017-2018 Trophy Holders :  Jeremy Baker & Guy Lawrenson, John Sherringham & James Guiton, Jason Frost & Fred Hotchen, Karen & Malcolm Pryor

Jubilee Teams Of Eight Competition Entries

The 2018 / 2019 season Jubilee Teams of Eight event will take place on Sunday 11th November 2018 at Crossfield Hall, Romsey. 2pm start. Please use this form  to enter a team.

Data retention notes: The names of the people in your team will become publically available immediately. The results of the competition will use the names of the people in your team as confirmed on the day of the competition and will be made public, retained and kept for prosperity with no delete by date; Your performance in the competition may be publically reported on, using the names of the team members as confirmed on the day of the competition. Other information provided in this form (email address, telephone number and private comments) will not be made public and all data submitted via this form will be deleted less than a year after the event is held.