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There is a now a finalised set of dates with Basingstoke Bridge club for a club TD Training Course.  Information below - to enter and for even more information see

The dates are:

Essentials:                   22 April 2017

Book Rulings:              20 May  2017

Judgement Rulings:      10 June 2017

Assessment:                1 July 2017

The trainer will be June Booty. The start time will be 10.30.

Students don’t need to attend all the modules in one course – they can pick and mix across venues etc to suit themselves, depending on their other commitments.  This is the current list of courses we have scheduled, but EBED  are always happy to arrange some more if there is a local interest.

As well as the full course/assessment for new Directors, EBED do also organise occasional refresher courses. This might also be of interest if there any more experienced directors – perhaps without formal qualifications - who want to cover any gaps or explore more complex subjects in extra detail.

Anyone coming on the Club TD course will need to have a copy of the 2007 lawbook as well as the so called “blue book”. These are available to download from the EBU website (see the two links below) &

Anytime spent by students in advance on familiarising themselves with the general contents and layout of the rule book will be very helpful when it comes to the practical simulations during the modules when each student will be asked to find the right wording in the book and apply it to the situation at the table.

EBED also always encourage prospective TD’s to watch the videos on the EBU website to see how the commonest “book ruling” situations should be handled. These videos also provide some guidance on table presence for directors (EBED think we are all conscious of how many players are wary of calling the TD or react badly when a TD is called to their table).