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Interested in Tournament direcctor training? Well if any current  HIWCBA courses listed below are not what you want you can contact us via the website's contact us link to the left or contact the EBED charity who are very helpful and run courses all over the country that may not be far away. See:

CLUB TD REFRESHER WORKSHOP 4th March 2018 - Comparable Bids and Strong Twos

You should know that The Laws of Duplicate Bridge were updated in 2017, and you may have already seen the impact at your club. You may be less aware that the EBU also updated the Handbook of EBU Permitted Understandings (the Blue Book), principally in the area of Strong Two openers.

You might also be thinking ‘it is a long time since I did the TD course.’

Help is at hand!

The County will be running a TD refresher workshop in March. This will be an opportunity for Club TDs to work through a number of scenarios pertinent to the changes, discuss their concerns and brush up on their general TD skills. Club TDs are probably mostly dealing with revokes, bids out of turn, leads out of turn and occasionally UI. So in addition to rule changes, there will be material to cover this ‘usual stuff.’ You should be an established club TD to take part.

The workshop will take the format of a quiz, to be completed in advance; and a half day seminar run by Richard Banbury. Richard is a Congress Director and runs the Club and County TD programmes at EBED. He will give a short instructional talk, then discuss the ‘answers’ to the quiz, there will also be a number of scenarios to be role-played.

The seminar will be held in Romsey Town Hall (not the Crosfield Hall) on the afternoon of Sunday March 4th. Cost per delegate is £15, please book early as numbers will be limited to 20.

To book please contact Mike Kinsey, or 0771 406 4626