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Southampton League
Southampton League Rules



Teams consist of between 4 & 6 players.  However, extra players may be registered with the agreement of the League Secretary.  No player may be registered with more than one team. Teams with less than 6 members may register additional players and any team may register a substitute for an existing player who is unable to compete in remaining fixtures provided notification is made to the League Secretary.


The League Secretary publishes a match schedule at the beginning of the season with the expiry date for each match. It is the responsibility of the HOME team captain to contact the away team captain, 3 weeks before the scheduled completion date of each match with 3 alternative dates. In practice, it often helps to contact the opposing team first to find out which days of the week are preferred.   If he/she fails to do so, or none of the dates are acceptable the away captain should offer three dates and times. Dates offered by either captain should include a choice of days in the week. If prolonged absence is known in advance, such as holidays, matches should be played early rather than late. The HOME team determines the venue and is responsible for providing suitable playing facilities at its own expense. The away team is expected to travel to this venue at its own expense.


Matches are played in accordance with the "Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017” Each match consists of two sets of twelve boards with a change of opponents after twelve boards have been completed and scored. Players are expected to maintain a reasonable rate of play i.e. at least 8 boards an hour.  Level 2 licence applies to Division 3 and level 4 to Divisions 1 and 2 and the pivot.

The scoring will be by International Match Points converted to Victory points on the following E.B.U scale:

IMP difference

VP score

0 – 1

10 – 10

2 – 5

11 – 9

6 – 10

12 – 8

11 – 15

13 – 7

16 – 21

14 – 6

22 – 27

15 – 5

28 – 34

16 – 4

35 – 43

17 – 3

44 – 53

18 - 2

54 – 65

19 – 1


20 - 0

The results should be e-mailed to the league secretary at as soon as possible after the match.  This is normally the responsibility of the HOME captain, but may be delegated to another member of either team, if this is more convenient.  The e-mail should list all the players’ names (including those in the losing team), the match date and the final score.  The results will be confirmed to both teams by e-mail.  If neither team has an e-mail facility, the HOME captain using the pre-printed results card should post the results.  Any matters not resolved amicably during a match should be forwarded to the Secretary for a ruling.


Teams are placed in order of V.P's awarded. In the event of a tie for a position, matches played between the teams will be used.  If a team withdraws from the League then the matches played by that team are discarded for the purpose of final ranking. In general the top team will be promoted and the lowest team relegated at the end of the season, but this is subject to the number of entries for the following season and therefore at the discretion of the League Secretary.

If there is a change in team personnel from the previous season, the majority of members who continue to play carry the rights of the team. If the team is equally divided the captain carries the rights. Local points will be issued at the end of the season in accordance with the District scale.


As per LEAGUE RULES except:-

Matches are played in 3 sets of 8 boards, and each captain must play with each member of his/her team in turn.

The e-mail should list all the players’ names (including those in the losing team).

The HOME TEAM has the right to seat their players AFTER the away team have seated theirs, for boards 1 - 8, and 17 - 24. The AWAY team has this privilege in the second set, 9 - 16. Should the I.M.P. score be identical at the end of 24 boards, further sets of 4 boards shall be played until a result is obtained, each team may choose its own pairings and the pivot rules will not apply for these extra boards.

Team captains must do everything possible to ensure that knock out matches are played by the advertised due dates and if necessary additional members added.  Any problems in this area should be notified to the Secretary immediately.


Please enjoy your bridge and try to keep up the reputation of the Southampton & District Bridge Club as a friendly league!