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The topics for the next few workshops are:-

21st September - Repeat of Defending against a weak 2 opener

19th October - Transfers both Red suits and to Minors (ideal for last year students and simple systems players)

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Club Information
Minutes of theTrustees Meeting 18 May 2018


MINUTES of the Trustees’ meeting held at 23 West Hill, Hitchin on Friday,18 May 2018 at 7.30pm.

PRESENT:   Margaret Eddleston (ME) - President (Chair)

                       Robert Girvan (RG) – Treasurer

                       Richard Jones (RJ) – Secretary

                       Rosemary Croft (RC)

                       Roger Perrott (RP)

                       Pauline Girvan (PG)

                       Elaine Duff (ED)

                       Roger Morris (RM)

  1. Apologies.


  1. Minutes and matters arising from the Meeting on 6/02/18.

The minutes were agreed as being a true record.

ME reported that Bernard Eddleston has arranged to take some pupils involved in the Bridge in Schools initiative to the House of Lords earlier than anticipated.  A visit is planned for 3 July 2018.

A question was raised as to whether Sandra Biggerstaff should be compensated for all the work she has been doing in providing refreshments.  ME suggested that some appreciation could be shown at the end of the year.  This was agreed.

  1. Financial update.

No details were presented about the current financial situation.

RG informed the committee that 82000 had been deposited with Redwood Bank who are paying 1.35% interest.  The Lloyds bank current account is still being used for day to day transactions with a current balance of 5500.  RG continues to look for competitive rates of interest.

  1. Membership update.

RP could not give an update on the current membership.  ME reported that membership was down yet there had been an increase in participation rates this year.

The membership form would need to be re-designed to clarify whether members still wanted their details to be shared with the EBU as the current layout had confused some members. 

  1. Convention Card for Thursday Evening.

The new EBU Level 2 convention card had been distributed prior to the meeting.  The lengthy discussion revolved around whether there was a need to revise/update the current system card in use on a Thursday evening, particularly bearing in mind that  RM’s teaching group will be graduating in June and they had been taught “weak 2s”  There was agreement that weak 2s should be incorporated but that many of the conventions on the EBU Level 2 convention card were too complex to be included in our in-house system card.  ME will update our current card and then circulate to the Trustees before distributing it more widely ready for use from 1 September 2018.

Further, it was proposed that additional workshops on weak 2s be offered before September.  RJ offered to assist in delivering the workshops if ED felt that she was over committed.

  1. Integration of Current Class of Students.

The current teaching group of 20 students will finish their course at the end of June and a discussion took place on how best to integrate them into the club.  RM estimated that 15 of them probably had work commitments during the day so evenings would suit most better.  RM proposed that as they were used to coming to Hitchin on a Monday evening a supervised session on a Monday would seem to be the best option, but stressed he might like a break over the summer.  RC and RJ offered to help with the supervised play if required.  This may not be able to continue when the new class starts in October (depending on numbers) so the aim would be for them to be ready to join the simple systems session on Thursday evening in October.

  1. Bridgemates Set-Up.

ED proposed that it would be valuable to have the lead card included on the bridgemates so that players could better analyse their performance on-line after each session.  ME pointed out that this was an all or nothing decision for the club as the bridgemates cannot be re-set for different sessions.  After discussion it was agreed to trial this for 6 months.  The main concern was whether it would slow play.  ME agreed to inform the membership that on each hand the lead card should be accepted and turned over before anything is entered on scorecards or on the bridgemates – then all players should complete the admin at the same time before the hand is played.

  1. AOB.

A request was made for all key holders to bring their keys to each session.  ME will circulate an e-mail to that effect.

RG announced that a host system had successfully been established for Thursday evening.

ME informed Trustees that the Town Centre gazebo stall was booked for Saturday 15 September.

ME proposed a new annual competition to take place on Saturday 29 September this year.  This competition would only be open to club members and would involve two sessions of 21 – 24 boards of standard duplicate pairs.  Prizes could be awarded for the highest performing pair in three different categories: combined NGS grade 21+, 14 – 20 and under 14. This was agreed as a good idea. ME will firm up her ideas and distribute to the Trustees for consideration before announcing to members.

ED informed the meeting that she was in discussion with RJ on how best to move the club on in terms of teaching and potential workshops.

Meeting closed at 9.50pm

Richard Jones

Hon Secretary