EBed Sims result

Gill and Rodger are lying 36th overall in the country after Mondays Sims with a score of over 60% in a field of 433 pairs.

Bridge and Lunch at the Bucks Head Tuesday 16th July

A social friendly duplicate pairs competition for members only.

entry form - Bridge and Lunch at the Bucks Head.pdf

Need a Partner?

Monday afternoon - elaine.duff@eduff.co.uk

Monday and Wednesday evenings -mee.hitchin@ntlworld.com

Wednesday afternoons - richard.a.jones1@btinternet.com

Thursday - r.girvan@ntlworld.com

Friday teams - roger.perrott.01@gmail.com

Why Do We?
Ask You To Count Your Cards

Ask you to count your cards when you remove your hand from the board before looking at them?

 - It is much easier for the Director to sort out the hands containing 12 and 14 cards or find the missing card on the last table if you do. It will avoid the possibility you will not be able to play the hand because you have seen a card you should not have had and will save you the embarrassment of getting to the last 3 tricks only to find a card short in dummy

Not permit a re-deal

Not permit a re-deal if a hand is passed out the first time it is played?

- well just because you decided not to open your grotty 11 count does not mean another player won’t take a different view. Once the hands are dealt that is it for the evening’s play.

Ask You to Shuffle

Ask you to shuffle your cards after playing a hand before you return them to the board?

- this avoids any possibility of knowing that the hand was passed out at the last table or how it was played. Shuffling your hand on the last set of boards on the evening also helps to randomize the hands for the next weeks play.