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The following is information and news of interest to the members. See "Results and Events" for details of Club events.
Highway Cup
Highway Cup is played once a month, usually on the first Monday of the month (for exceptions check the Calendar), commencing in February, with the 10th and final round in November. Partnerships are specific and it is not essential for pairs to play in all 10 events during the year since only the best 5 monthly scores are averaged for the final result. A Highway Cup Handicap competition is run, concurrently, where players receive a handicap, which is directly related to the player's current grading and is calculated afresh each month.

Our Teams of Four competition is played over two or three weeks, usually in July/August and is scored using IMPs (see below).

Imp Pairs

Imp  scoring is used for Teams events, the emphasis being placed on bidding games and slams, with overtricks not being so important. It works in the following manner, if for example, you are sitting North/South the score that you achehieve on a board is compared with the average of all the East/West scores and converted into Imps using the normal scale. Refer 'Cross IMP Scoring' for a more detailed explanation.

Bridge Mates
Bridge Mates
Bridgemates were introduced to the club in May 2006.
Members have been able to monitor their progress during the session and there has been great interest as the last few boards are entered, watching the names jostling for top spot.  Players are finding that the information available off the web showing the full hand, all contracts, including the lead card, a most informative and instructive tool.

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