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Bulletin: Score Corrections

When a score is entered on the BridgeMate by North and approved by either East or West, this accepted score will remain as posted, unless a correction is received in writing via email no later than 24 hours, after the score was posted on the website.  Before the score can be corrected by one of the Club Co-Managers - either Brenda Manning or Cecil HInes - one of the players from both sides (Either N/S and Either E/W) must confirm that this correction is due.  It is the responsibility of the player, making the correction, to secure confirmation from their opponent(s) and having one or both opponents notify one of the Club Co-Managers.  Thank you.  Please be careful entering and also checking scores.  This responsibility lies with both N/S and also E/W.

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Bulletin: Score Corrections
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Winter Weather Advisories
The winters in Highlands can have snow at a moment's notice, making the roads unusable for several hours.  If you are concerned about the access to Highlands, tune your radio to WHLC FM 104.5 or call the Highlands Recreation Center at 828-526-3556.
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Game Procedures

Create Calendar Event
The Manager will create a new calendar event from the administrative menu of the website for future events.  This is easily done from the Quick Update tab.

Generate Random Hands
A hired-employee (under the direction of Vice-President and/or Club Co-Manager) will generate random deals using DealMaster Pro according to ACBL procedures. The PBN files are placed in a DropBox account ("HDBC" folder). DropBox will automatically sync all files with all computers authorized to use the account. This has the added advantage of serving as an automatic offsite backup. 

All files will be named with Year-Month-Day format so they will sort properly, e.g. 12-07-11.pbn is the Wednesday game on July 7, 2012; 12-07-13N.pbn is the Novice Game (99er) on July13, and 12-07-13O.pbn is the Open Game on July 13.

The co-manager will upload all Hand Record files to the appropriate Calendar Date on the website. You will be able to see an icon depicting a hand of cards indicating the hand records have been uploaded for that event. From the Admin Calendar list, you can view the North spade suit of Board 1 to verify that the pre-dealt boards are correct.  Lastly, she will print a copy of the Hand Record.


Deal Boards

Hired employee, Vice-President, or Co-Manager will load the appropriate hand record file into the Dealer 4 Software and deal the boards. She will look at the first board and compare it with the printed Hand Record to make sure she has dealt the right hand and leave the Hand Record in the box for use by the director.


Director's Instructions

After the game is completed, the director posts the results on the website (Administration > UploadResults). Select Choose Future Event and further select the appropriate game from the drop-down menu. The ACBLScore Game file (.ACx format) goes into the ACBL Game File box and the BridgePads file (.BWS format) goes into the Bridgepad File Box. Leave the Information File field blank.  You will need to enter the password as well.  Click Upload when the two files have been selected. The Manager will have already uploaded the Hand Record File (.PBN format) into that event.



If for any reason you want to reload the game file (e.g., there has been a correction), select Choose A Previous Result to select the game in question.  

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