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Bulletin: Score Corrections

When a score is entered on the BridgeMate by North and approved by either East or West, this accepted score will remain as posted, unless a correction is received in writing via email no later than 24 hours, after the score was posted on the website.  Before the score can be corrected by one of the Club Co-Managers - either Brenda Manning or Cecil HInes - one of the players from both sides (Either N/S and Either E/W) must confirm that this correction is due.  It is the responsibility of the player, making the correction, to secure confirmation from their opponent(s) and having one or both opponents notify one of the Club Co-Managers.  Thank you.  Please be careful entering and also checking scores.  This responsibility lies with both N/S and also E/W.

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Bulletin: Score Corrections
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Friday morning 299er Games are held each summer/fall season, from first Friday in June through the last Friday in October. Next year (2018) - 299er Game will begin Friday, June 1st with classes resuming the third Friday, June 15th from 8:20 til 8:50, with a game following at 9 - please be seated no later than 8:50.    

Over the winter, keep playing bridge, practice lots, and keep reading great bridge books, go to tournaments, and let us know about your successes - so we can all celebrate together - send good news to share to Brenda at or Stewart at  We look forward to celebrating with you, your good bridge news, via our 299er email listserve,  from bridge tables across your winter homes.

Watch for more news about our Novice/Intermediate Program in this space in the spring, 2018. 


HDBC Zero Tolerance Policy

HDBC Board policy* for violation of Zero Tolerance is as follows:
            - First Offense - Warning
            - Second Offense - Two-Week Suspension
            - Third Offense - Six-Month Suspension

The Director-in-Charge (DIC) (or their designee, Club Managers, or President of BOA) must record in a notebook, kept in the safe at gamesite, any infraction of the Zero-Tolerance policy, beginning with the first offense.  The Director will record the name, date, and specifics of the event.  This notebook is available to Directors, so they can make the correct ruling should a further infraction occur by the same player.

*Director discretion is allowed, per Duplicate Law 91, if the DIC determines that any offense warrants a less or a more serious penalty.

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