Eccles Cup

2017 winners: Royston Bridge Club

An inter-club competition for teams of four pairs of limited rank (no player above 5* Star Premier Master). All players must be members of the club they are representing.



The total rank of all the players on a team is limited to 50 points on the following scale:

Club Master or below 2
Area Master or District Master 3
County Master 4
Master or Premier Master 5
Advanced Master, 1* Master or 1* Premier Master 6
2* Master or 2* Premier Master 7
3*, 4* ,5* Master or 3*, 4*, 5* Premier Master 8
Tournament Master up to 5* Tournament Master 8


A player's category is determined by their masterpoint rank at the start of the season (1st September).

For an unranked player, we ask clubs to use their discretion and knowledge of that player’s experience and recent and long term success in their events when selecting the most suitable category to ensure that the spirit of this competition is respected.

No player may be above 5* Tournament Master or 5* Premier Master, e.g, a Premier Tournament Master is not eligible.


For more information contact the Tournament Secretary at