The Hertfordshire Bridge Association

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Did you know you club can win 1000 just running a Simultaneous Pairs?

Every year the EBU award prizes for:

  • each Sim event winner nationally
  • each club winner is entered into a draw winning from £100 to £1000
  • each club is entered into a draw and can win from £100 to £1000

Click here to see how clubs and players in Hertfordshire faired this year or here for the EBU link.

Club Winners Cup
Club Winners Cup

Holders: Roger Edmonds & George Summers

A single-session competition for the winners and runners-up of the principal pairs competition of affiliated clubs.

7:30pm on Friday 10th November 2017, at the Bridge Centre.

Entries are made by clubs on their players' behalf. This can be done online: click here.

For more information contact the Tournament Secretary at