Spade Heart  Diamond Club

Our new series of hand commentaries continues.


These illustrate the 'techniques, systems & thinking' to take you to the next stage of your development. Select Improve Your Bridge from the Menu above.

If you wish to practice these in a competitive environment, please come with your partner to the Club - you will be welcome. 



    Welcome to our Bridge Club   


We meet on Tuesday evenings for duplicate/teams commencing at 7pm

Venue: Saxon Hall (Putson Community Centre) HR2 6HE

Visitors very welcome

There are occasional Members Only nights

See Calendar for details of all sessions



  Hereford Bridge Club invite you to a new Monthly Competition, open to all:  IMP - scored Pairs  

No entry forms, no membership requirement, just turn up on the night - £3 table money for all

The four best aggregate scores (with the same partner) over the winter wins a cash prize, but you can play as few evenings as you wish

2nd October, 6th November, 4th December, 8 th January, 5th February and 5th March


This is still duplicate pairs which you know and love, but IMPed pairs scoring is different to match pointed (your usual) pairs

  Overtricks are far less important. Bid your games and make them safely.

Overtricks are far less important. Risk overtricks to defeat their games.

Don’t be afraid to bypass 3NT if you think there might be a ♣  or   slam.



There is a table fee of £3 for members and £4 for non-members. The annual subscription is £10.

We are affiliated to the English Bridge Union and Herefordshire Bridge Association. 

Master Points are awarded and electronically submitted. 

25th September 2018
Summer Pairs Handicap 8
2nd October 2018
IMP Pairs 1
9th October 2018
Pairs Shield 1
16th October 2018
Winter Teams 1
23rd October 2018
City Cup (NGS Handicap)
Summer Teams 5
Summer Pairs Handicap 7
Duplicate - Summer Trophy
Duplicate - Summer Trophy
Summer Teams 4