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Welcome to Henfield Duplicate Bridge Society
Visitors are always welcome
Visitors are always welcome

Welcome to the Henfield Duplicate Bridge Society web site.  The club meets for duplicate bridge every Thursday afternoon at the Henfield Hall, Henfield.  Click "information" for a  map and details.  Visitors are always welcome, even to club competition sessions.  Join us for a competitive, friendly game of bridge on Thursday afternoons. We look forward to seeing you.

Welcome to 6 new members: Ron & Janet Munro, Pam Jouanides, Caroline Dewar, John Sear & Brian Kirkland.

2 more recent additions: Dave Gilbert & Jo Dhillon.

Peter Bates has now been made a Life Member in recognition of his service over many years.

Joan Sanders

Sadly we have to announce the passing of Joan Sanders on Sunday 14th April.

Tributes, history and funeral arrangements will be added shortly.

Need A Partner?

If You are looking for a partner, then ask Shirley. She'll try and match you up. Please phone her on 01403 710261 or email or mobile 07545 246779 giving her as much notice as possible.


We ask all members to be seated by 1:55 p.m. so that play can start promptly at 2:00 p.m.

Adur Valley Bridge Clubs

Click here for your quick link to clubs at Keymer, Storrington, Shoreham & Partridge Green

Useful contacts

Henfield Duplicate Bridge Society - Please email Shirley Price
Sussex County Contract Bridge Assoc.
English Bridge Union
The Henfield Hall
Annual General Meeting


Held on Thursday 4th April 2019 at 2pm

Committee members present: Howard Da Vall (Chairman), Lynne Spooner (Secretary Membership), David Pickford (Treasurer), Shirley Price (Partner Coordinator), Gary Inkpen (Secretary) & Hugh Doohan (Senior Director).

Members present: Sue Peters, Linda Southward, Hazel David, Margaret Harrison, Jude Gill, Steve Crabtree, Judy Taylor, Jon Fitton, Jim Downes, Sue Howley, Angela Burgess, John Jermy, Sue Cottrell, Pam Bushill, Roy Brown, Jane Ross & Tim Stace.

Apologies: Julia Simpson, Bob Whiting, Rose Windler, Graham Walker, Jo & Geoff Jewson, Phil & Pippa Turner, Barbara Dakin, Peter Bates, Penny Hill & Bryan Davies.

Approval of the minutes of the AGM held 8th March 2018:  These had previously been circulated with the 2019 AGM documentation. They were accepted unanimously by all present.

Matters arising from the Minutes:  There were none.

Chairman’s report: Howard Da Vall addressed the meeting. He stated that it had been a difficult year with the club almost folding. However, a new committee had been appointed by the membership and had begun to make progress on the future running of the club. The club now has 40 fully paid-up members and one existing life member (Bob Whiting).

As a token of the club’s appreciation for his many years of hard work and dedication to the club, a lifetime membership had been offered to Peter Bates, which he has accepted. Thanks were expressed to Jo Jewson, Sue Cottrell, Bryan Davies, Jane Ross, Hugh Doohan and others who had assisted and supported both the previous and the current committee.

Attention was drawn to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) statement circulated along with the AGM agenda. A list of names, telephone numbers and email addresses was made available to members who then had the option of having their personal details removed, or of being satisfied that the club could store such details for its day-to-day operations.

Treasurer’s report & accounts: Copies of the club’s financial statement were made available to all attendees. These had been signed off by Jim Bugden. Hugh Doohan then addressed the meeting and explained the salient points relating to the financial activities of the club for the year ended 31st December 2018. Since the club has been running a deficit for the past 2 years, it is clear that table monies must increase if the club is to remain solvent. However, for the immediate future the funds held by the club will enable it to continue.

A motion to accept the accounts was proposed by Gary Inkpen and seconded by Judy Taylor. This was put to the meeting and universally approved by a show of hands.

Election of officers and committee members: The new members of the committee introduced themselves and presented an overview of their roles. Attendees were asked if they were prepared to endorse the re-election of the committee. This was put to the attendees and passed unanimously by a show of hands.

Membership fees and authorisation for future increase: David Pickford proposed that the committee be granted the freedom to increase the annual membership fee next year from £5 to £10. It was stated that this increase would only be implemented if deemed necessary to protect the financial viability of the club. This was put to the membership in attendance and accepted unanimously by a show of hands.

Voucher system for table monies: It was proposed to re-introduce the voucher system for payment of table monies. A new level of £2.50 was proposed for vouchers, which equates to 8 vouchers for £20. The “new” vouchers will be introduced as soon as possible during the current year.

Level of table money: The following fees payable by each player at club sessions was proposed:

  • £3.00 for members
  • £2.50 for vouchers (only available for members)
  • £3.50 for visitors

These fees were officially proposed to the membership and were accepted unanimously by a show of hands.

Ideas for promotion of the club with the aim of attracting new members:

  • Jane Ross suggested that in order to encourage new members, the club should offer their first play session free of charge (and possibly their 2nd session). This idea was seconded by Sue Cottrell.
  • Jane also suggested that we promote our club by ensuring it is prominently displayed on the Henfield Community Centre notice board.
  • Sue Peters suggested that we attempt to get other club web sites to include Henfield Bridge Club details (eg: Horsham bridge club and the Henfield “Friday afternoon” club).
  • Angela Burgess suggested that we promote the club within the Steyning village and local community in general.
  • Tim Stace suggested that we promote the attractiveness of bridge as a very economic leisure activity (ie: £3 for an afternoon’s entertainment including tea/coffee and biscuits).

The committee agreed to investigate these suggestions further during the current year.

Any other business: The only item was an email received from Jo Jewson that she requested be read out at the meeting, which was as follows:

“We are very sorry not to be at your first AGM. We would like to say that we have appreciated very much the new committee’s hard work to set up the club again. We wish you every success and we assure you of our support.”

Presentation of Chairman’s prizes: Howard announced the winners of the chairman’s prizes. These are awarded to those with the highest master point totals, who have played with at least 3 different partners throughout the year. A bottle of wine was awarded to:

1st prize: Bob Whiting

2nd prize: Lynne Spooner

3rd prize: Judy Taylor

For those non-qualifiers with the highest point totals, a consolation prize of a box of chocolates was awarded to:

Jane Ross

Bryan Davies

The meeting concluded at 2:25pm.

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