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Fun Hand
Fun Hand

This hand was the result of shuffle-and-deal during the Swiss in Hilton Head this past Sunday. At our table, Owen played 4 hearts doubled, making 5 for a 15 IMP swing! No more complaints about our Dealer4 machine please!

The auction: P - 1H - D - P (by me) - 2D - 2H - 3S - P (by me) - P - 4D - Double - P (by me: he knew I had better diamonds (3 to the 10) than hearts, as in NONE) - P - 4H - Double - P - P - P. I tabled my one-point dummy, 5 spades to the J, 3 diamonds to the 10, 5 clubs to the 7 - ugh! Owen lost only two red aces for a major swing. Our partners played 2 spades making at the other table. What fun!