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Unit 171 2015 Goodwill Honor

Jane Champion ACBL #: Q621837 Tel: (850) 509-6163

Jane & I both moved to the Hendersonville area about 3 years ago and I have been very fortunate to play with her on a regular basis at both club & tournament level. During this time I have experienced firsthand Jane’s behavior at the table and she personifies those positive attributes that are embodied in the ACBL’s Zero Tolerance Policy.

In addition to being pleasant and courteous at the table, I have never seen her try to take advantage of less experienced opponents. Although a director herself, when an issue arises, Jane is the first one to suggest that the director be called rather than expressing an opinion.

Jane is an active volunteer & participant at all levels of bridge – club, unit, district & ACBL. She is a tireless worker and willingly invests significant amounts of personal time in the organization & growth of the game of bridge as evidenced by the following:

· Currently Youth Bridge Coordinator for Western North Carolina Unit 171 and implemented afterschool programs & summer camps. Last summer’s camp successfully attracted 45 school kids with half days devoted to bridge and the other half to golf – which included basic tuition.

· Piloting the utilization of YMCA facilities for school & family bridge programs. Should this prove successful, the same model will be rolled out at other locations.

· Late last year, Jane’s endeavors in this field were recognized by the ACBL when she was elected to the Board of Trustees of the Education Foundation.

· Recognized at the 2013 Greenville regional as “Goodwill Person of the Week” for her leadership in setting up & participating in a demonstration of spinning & weaving in support of the tournament’s textile theme.

· When living in Boone, Jane & her husband John started a sanctioned game to enable non country club members to play in the area and was soon running and directing 3 games a week. During this time Jane became a certified instructor & started classes for beginners.

· Current member of the Board of Directors for Unit 171 & serves as Education Liaison & Youth Bridge Coordinator.

To support these activities, she has invested a significant amount of time & money to attain the necessary ACBL qualifications including:

· ACBL Certified Director

· ACBL Certified TAP Instructor

· Certified EasyBridge! Instructor

· Certified Learn Bridge in a Day Instructor

In summary, I believe Jane to be a candidate worthy of your consideration for this award.

Respectfully submitted,

Peter Bohan,  January 28, 2015

Last updated : 1st Jul 2016 08:47 CDT