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Welcome to Hendersonville Bridge Center
Essential Biddong Topics

Jane Champion will present a 3-week series of essential bidding topics for advancing players based on the best-selling book Bidding Topics by Eric Rodwell. Please sign up at the Education Bulletin Board.

Monday, May 6: Support Doubles & Redoubles; Responding to 1 NT Forcing

Monday, May 13: Inverted Minors; Mixed Raises

Monday, May 20: New Minor Forcing; Roman Keycard Blackwood.

Time: 9:30 - 11:30

Cost: $25 for the 3-week series or $10 per class

Two Over One Game Force

Hello fellow bridge players,

I am teaching a Two Over One classes beginning Tuesday April 2 (9:45 - 11:45) at Hendersonville Bridge Center. Experts say that 2/1 is becoming the “new Standard American”! Believe me, it is so much easier to get to the right contract using this modern system. The class will run for 7 weeks. Each week we will talk about an important part of 2/1 (see below), present problems for discussion, practice bidding and if time allows play 4 hands. We will also talk about counting cards, placing cards in opponents’ hands, picturing partner’s hand, and a lot of other interesting stuff. If you are interested, or if you know someone who may be, please contact me:

Barbara Doster


Week 1: Introduction to 2/1, when it applies and when it does not, bidding messages: sign-off, invitational, forcing and marathon bids.

Week 2: Forcing 1-NT response, responders rebids with 6-10 HCP, 11-12 HCP; when 1 NT Forcing does not apply.

Week 3 (Focus on WHERE): rebids by opener, responder’s further rebids, what to do when opponents interfere.

Week 4 (Focus on HOW HIGH): choosing between game and slam, control bids, Blackwood.

Weeks 5, 6 and 7 will concentrate on conventions often used in conjunction with 2/1: Jacoby 2 NT, Fourth Suit Forcing, Drury, Bergen and variations of Blackwood. We’ll do lots of bidding throughout these 3 weeks.

Week 8 (OPTIONAL and FREE!) will be the best practice ever: We will play hands that are typical for using 2/1, 1 NT Forcing, Bergen, Drury, control bids, and Key Card auctions. However, they will be all mixed up so you will have to decide on the most important one to use. This is what happens in a real game. FUN!











See our bulletin on the left if you have any questions about possible cancellations of games at HBC



April 8, 2019 ... 71.25% Game!!

Dick Mooshie and Jane Steinmetz

April 13, 2019 .... 71.01% Game!

Karen & John Clancy

April 15, 2019....70.63% Game!

Faith Baker & Darrell Menscer





18th May 2019
Open pairs
HBC 12:30 PM
Director: Bill Lambert
20th May 2019
Open, 0-600, 0-100
HBC 12;30 PM
Director: Denise Gambone
21st May 2019
Grass Roots Charity Game, Open & 0-750
HBC 12:30 PM
Director: Bill Lambert
Friday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Jim Pfromm
Open & 0-600
Director: Bill Lambert
Wednesday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Jim Pfromm