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Welcome to Heathercroft Bridge Club

Welcome to our club site.

This friendly club is situated in the Harborne district of Birmingham (B17 8RD).

Click here for details of how to find us.

It is our aim to provide you with a friendly place to play duplicate bridge.


For more information please contact the secretary


Members are invited to suggest items for the site by contacting the webmaster

Parnham Trophy Postponed

Due to the lack of catering facilities available at the start of this event when food and drink is normally enjoyed it has been decided to postpone this event till next year.

Bridge at Walker Hall

Starting October bridge on Tuesday and Friday evening will will be held at Walker Memorial Hall, Ampton Road, Edgbaston Birmingham B15 2UJ

This means that all our bridge sessions (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday) will be at Walker Hall.

Catered events will still be catered events and the early start times for special events still apply.



Afternoon Host System

We have an afternoon host system.  Any member who wishes to play, can come along on a Monday or Wednesday, without a partner, and enjoy a game of bridge.  However the host system will not be available for the afternoon special events.

Only those members who are regular afternoon players on Mondays or Wednesdays are required to take their turn as host, or if unable to do so, to make arrangements for another member to stand in.

When you do play as the host, the session will be free. 

We have a strong afternoon playing community, which if numbers stay the same or membership grows, will mean only fulfilling this role about once every 9 months.  We hope you will agree that this is a great opportunity for members to 'give something back' to the club and enjoy a game of bridge at the same time.

Dealing Boards
Dealing Boards We have set up a rota where two people arrive at the club an hour before the session and deal two or three sets of boards. Thank you to all who volunteered. If you would like to help please contact the secretary.
Next Event

17th Dec 2018
Monday Aft
Director: Liz Bretherton
Host: Jenny Lane
18th Dec 2018
Tuesday Eve
Director: Andrew Gimour
19th Dec 2018
Wednesday Aft
Director: Headley Moses
Host: Flick Somervell
Wednesday Aft
Director: Sandra Squires
Scorer: Chris Hall
Tuesday Eve
Director: Adam Fraise
Scorer: Chris Hall
Monday Aft
Director: Sandra Squires
Scorer: Chris Hall