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Welcome to Hazlemere Bridge Club

Hazlemere Bridge Club

The aim of the club is "enjoyment for all".  A prompt start, courtesy, quietness and consideration help to achieve this.

The Club meets every Friday at the Hazlemere Community Centre HP15 7UB with play starting at 7:30 pm.  Please arrive by 7:25 pm - if you are held up for any reason please call Pat on 07745 344894 or Mary on 07765 567305.

We play duplicate pairs using pre-dealt hands with scoring by Bridgemates.  Results and hand records are available online when play finishes.

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Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided.  Please bring your own cup.   A bar is also available at the Centre.

GUESTS: Guests are most welcome. 

EBU: We are affiliated to the EBU.

CAR PARKING: There is ample car parking at the Centre.

Convention Level

Hazlemere Bridge Club will use as a guidance Level 4 conventions, however they will not insist on a Convention Card.  If in doubt of your oppositions system please ask and also ask them to alert any conventional bids.

31st May 2019
Director: Beryl
Scorer: Bob
7th June 2019
Director: Richard
Scorer: Peter
14th June 2019
Director: Bob
Scorer: Richard
Director: Bob
Scorer: Bridgemate
Director: Peter
Scorer: Bridgemate
Winchester Weekend - Sunday Morning Pairs
Director: Peter
Scorer: Bridgemate