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10th Dec 2018 19:57 GMT
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Welcome to Hazlemere Bridge Club
Christmas holidays

Hazlemere Bridge Club will be playing on Friday evenings throughout the Christmas period.   We look forward to seeing members and guests.


The party will be on 11th January 2019 and the cost will be £3.00.

There will be a list put out tonight and please put your name on it if you wish to attend as places are limited. 

I will be collecting money if you wish to pay tonight.



Cups -  paper cups will no longer be available to use as stocks are almost nil.

Please bring your own cup/mug and either take it home to go into the dishwasher or wash it up.

Any not washed up will be left out on the draining board.

There are cups in a cupboard in the kitchen (brown glass ones) and these must definitely be washed up and put away.

Convention Level

Hazlemere Bridge Club will use as a guidance Level 4 conventions, however they will not insist on a Convention Card.  If in doubt of your oppositions system please ask and also ask them to alert any conventional bids.

21st December 2018
Director: Peter
Scorer: Richard
28th December 2018
Director: Bob
Scorer: Peter
13th January 2019
County Pairs Qualifier
(Berks & Bucks)
Windsor 1:30
Director: Rob Sassoon
Host: Dick Davey
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Director: Richard CHANTLER
Scorer: Bridgemate
Director: Mary Cadman
Scorer: Bridgemate
Director: Beryl WILSON
Scorer: Bridgemate