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R3 Monday Novice Competition

< 50 Mps, Played over 3 Rounds

19th March 2018

6:00 for 6:15pm



New and visiting players are always welcome at all sessions at Hawks Nest Bridge Club, but please check the calendar in case any special event is being held that day.

Play is Monday evening 6.00pm (for 6.15pm start) finishing around 10pm and Friday 12.45 (for 1pm start) finishing around 4.30pm.  Table fee for visitors is just $7.

Lessons for beginners and improving players are conducted twice yearly.

Last updated : 27th Jan 2018 14:40 ESTA
New Clubhouse Update
New Clubhouse Update

We have been planning and saving for our own Clubhouse for what seems a long time but finally everything is coming together.

The Clubhouse, located within easy walking distance to the Hawks Nest Shopping Precinct, will provide a carpeted playing area to comfortably accommodate 24 tables and a services area including tea room, toilets and office.  It will be available also for use by other similar community organisations, at a modest fee which will help our cash flow.

The Briefing Session in January 2016 gave unanimous approval to lodge the Development Application with Council for the Clubhouse as per the plans exhibited.

Following receipt of Council approval of our DA, a Special General Meeting was held on 21st April 2017 where Members gave their unanimous approval for the motion to proceed with the construction of our Clubhouse.

With Council approval to proceed, the contract for construction of the Clubhouse was signed on 8 June 2017.

The construction phase began in August 2017 and was completed in January 2018.  We held our first session, hosting the Grange Bridge Group, on Monday 29 January. The Official Opening Ceremony is scheduled for 23 March 2018.

We will, however, continue with fundraising efforts to reduce our indebtedness and the early repayment of loans received from Members and a loan from the Australian Bridge Federation.

Potential Donors are invited to contact the Secretary for further information.

Last updated : 4th Feb 2018 17:18 ESTA

An ongoing search for funds for the proposed clubhouse identified $500,000 under the MidCoast Stronger Communities Grant scheme.  There were 70 applications but an excellent case crafted by Charlie Shuetrim resulted in HNBC being one of the 17 successful applicants.  On 30th November, President Glenn Conroy and Vice President Bea Treharne, received a cheque for $33,000 so bringing our ability to fund the proposed clubhouse very much closer.  We are most grateful for the support from the NSW Government & MidCoast Council.  In 2015 the NSW Government also awarded us a $50,000 Community Building Partnership grant.

Last updated : 6th Jul 2017 18:35 ESTA
Clubhouse Building Updates
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  • 29/01/2018 Our First Bridge Session
Last updated : 4th Feb 2018 17:36 ESTA
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R3 Friday Novice Competition
R2 Monday Novice Competition
R2 Friday Novice Competition
Mon 19th Mar 2018
R3 Monday Novice Competition
Hawks Nest Bridge Club 6.00pm
Director: Leslie Falla
Fri 23rd Mar 2018
Normal Club Session
Hawks Nest Bridge Club
Following Opening Ceremony : 12 noon
Director: Chez Rands
Sat 24th Mar 2018
Central Coast Super Congress