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Tuesday 7th May

Some may be aware that there was briefly a discrepancy between the movement cards and the movement on the bridgemates at tables 2 and 3 last night. As a result some boards at those tables may have been played with the intended N/S sitting E/W and vice versa. All reported errors have been corrected but if you spot any others please let me ( Gareth ) know. Results will be declared final 9 a.m. Thursday 9th May.

Thursday 11th April

Further apologies: in the excitement about boards played wrong way round, I didn't notice I had forgotten to attach the hand file to Monday's results. Same now corrected. No further misboarding has been reported so results are now final and masterpoints have been uploaded to WBU.

Monday8th April

Apologies: due to the move to new version of scoring program, the movement tonight did not exactly match our printed cards. Several pairs got confused and played E/W instead of N/S and vice versa. Where this was recognised the results have been amended but it is possible other pairs did the same thing and didn't realise the mistake at any point. So results will remain provisional until 9.30 a.m. on Wednesday to allow for notification of errors. After that they will be final and masterpoint file uploaded to WBU. So do please check even if you don't normally.

Update: two boards found with results on wrong line of traveller and then attributed inaccurately in PairScorer. Result now amended. Nobody to date has reported other errors.

Please note that results from tonight ( November 5th ) should be regarded as provisional as many entries were difficult to read or on wrong line or with wrong pair number. They will be checked again in morning but players are encouraged to check against their cards and report any discrepancies. Results will be declared final in 48 hours time i.e. at midnight on Wednesday.

Apologies to anyone who tried to analyse the hands from last night (10th September) just after 9 a.m.I temporarily forgot the cards we played were labelled 3rd September so attached the wrong file. Sorry I can't award any masterpoints to those of you who noticed!

Thanks to Gloria Walters who has volunteered to take on the role of Webmaster starting  in September. Watch this space!

Welcome to Haverfordwest Bridge Club




Last updated : 25th Mar 2019 14:27 GMT


Masterpoints now uploaded and should be up to date with the exception of the teams championship in January which is still a work in progress. Please tell me if you know different!

Results from 16th July have been re-uploaded to include makeable contracts in hand record

Update: teams championship submitted for manual upload by Phil Bowers ( might take a week or two ). Masterpoints should be otherwise up to date by end of week.


Last updated : 18th Dec 2018 23:16 GMT



The Club directory for 2018/9 is currently with the printer.

The event calendar can be accessed now via the calendar link in the main website menu on the top left of this page.


Last updated : 16th Nov 2018 11:10 GMT
  Important Notice

Club Open Pairs Championship

Click here to see the full results table

Individual session details are in results section as usual


Last updated : 15th Feb 2019 11:32 GMT
  New bridge magazine

              In case you missed the announcement in club, here is the information again on the new start-up online bridge magazine. The April issue is just out this week so even if you have already had a look there's a good  reason for going back.  

             Arguably the leading UK bridge magazine, Bridge went out of production at the end of last year. Happily the editor Mark Horton has got together with his friends and it is now re-incarnated as an online publication. The plan is for this to be funded by the advertising but for this to work it needs the support of all bridge players. 

            The ( free ) magazine can be viewed online or downloaded as a pdf. This last might be the better option as there is a lot of material, with detailed analysis of hands from recent major events as well as quizzes, educational articles and the ongoing events at the St. Titus bridge- playing monastery from David Bird.

The link you need is 

Last updated : 4th Apr 2018 14:20 BST
  New Start Time

Please note new regular start time which is 6.30 p.m., as from 20th November 2017.

Last updated : 4th Apr 2018 13:46 BST
  Haverfordwest Bridge Club

Labour Club, 61 Dew St, Haverfordwest, SA61 1SY, tel. 01437 764072.   Visitors are welcome.

We play each Monday at 6.30 pm.  Please arrive 10 minutes before if possible.
We frequently play on Bank Holiday Mondays too, but it's best to phone for confirmation.

Contact:  Judith Graham-Jones 01437 765275 or Beryl Warner 01437 710253 (Mob. 07811 594418).

See map below.  Drive up the High Street which is a steep hill, to the top, past the former Library on the right, and you come into Dew Street.  Carry on up the hill and we are on the right, just below the Catholic church. Park anywhere either side of the road.  You can also approach from Milford Road at the top past the back entrance of Tesco, but because of the one way system will have to park there and walk down.
The door to the club is a few yards down the alley (Fountain Row). Enter there and go up the stairs on the left.

Last updated : 10th Jan 2018 10:37 GMT
  How to find us

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Last updated : 4th Mar 2014 11:15 GMT
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