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Welcome to Hatfield Heath Bridge Club
About the Club
About the Club

Hatfield Heath Bridge Club has been in existence for over 40 years. It originated in the homes of a group of friends in the neighbouring village of Little Hallingbury and expanded to the well appointed village hall at Hatfield Heath.

The objective of the club is to play competitive bridge in a friendly atmosphere.  We cater for different levels of skill, with the more experienced members playing in the main hall and newer players in a smaller room of 4 or 5 tables for a few months. When they feel ready to join with the main club they are assured of a warm welcome.

We have been operating our own version of the EBU’s Better Behaviour at Bridge since opening and the emphasis being upon friendliness, our Directors are instructed to interpret the rules (where possible) in the most lenient of ways.

Michael Shine (Chairman)


Eddie was taken ill whilst playing bridge on Friday evening last week.  Our thoughts are with him and Sheelagh.

Getting the most from the Results

The results section of our new web site has lots of additional information on your personal performance on the night. It is obvious speaking to some of the members that they do not realise that this exists. So to help you get the most from the new results service, please click below to open the instructions on how to access this extra information.  You can also find what we used to call the 'Butler Rankings' for the teams' sessions.  These are now calculated using Cross-IMPs which Eddie assures us is a better way of doing it!

Click Here



See Education page for details

26th September 2018
Pairs League - Round 2
3rd October 2018
Teams - Round 5
7th October 2018
Heath Cup - Open swiss Pairs
Prize Event
Scorer: Adrienne Tinn
Pairs league - Round 1 & Majorie Lukyn Cup
Scorer: Adrienne Tinn
September teams
Scorer: Adrienne Tinn