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Please see information about Benji Strong 2s (links for  downloads on right column of this page).

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EBU SIMS (Spring Pairs)

♠   ♣ The next competition date is the 'EBU Spring Sims Pairs' on Monday 13th April. Members are advised that table money for SIMS pairs will now be £6 (the previous table money was subsidised by the club).♣   ♠ 

Last updated : 14th Mar 2015 16:50 GMT
Play Bridge in the Herne Bay, Whitstable and Canterbury area

We meet regularly to play friendly Duplicate Bridge in the evenings (7-10 pm) at three venues with free parking (click here for details):

1)  Monday at 'Age UK, Herne Bay', off Cornwallis Avenue
2)  Wednesday at 'Swalecliffe Community Centre'
3)  Friday at 'St Dunstan's Church Hall' (Canterbury)

We play pre-dealt hands with printouts available at the end of each session. We abide by EBU rules, issue EBU Masterpoints and follow EBU guidelines regarding 'Best Behaviour at Bridge'. Table money (including light refreshments) is £3 for members and £3.50 for visitors, annual membership is £2. All ages and abilities are welcome.

The''Host' system ensures that you'll always find a partner on Mondays & Fridays (except on 'Competition' or 'special-event' dates, listed on the 'Calendar'). On the day you'd like to play, please phone Kate Amos on 01227 375827 (anytime between 12pm-5pm) and leave a message stating that you'd like to play - then turn up at the club venue by 6.45 pm.

If you'd like to play on a Wednesday, please ring Kate who will co-ordinate calls and do her best to match you up with another player looking for a partner.

If you have any queries or would like to submit photos or articles of interest for inclusion on the website, please email the Secretary:

Last updated : 26th Mar 2015 16:54 GMT
'Best Behaviour at Bridge'

Please note that we follow the EBU's 'Best Behaviour at Bridge' guidelines:

"Remember that it is rude to criticise your partner or opponents in public, to be less than polite at the table, to gloat over good results or object to a call for the tournament director or to dispute or argue about a director’s ruling.

Please call the Director if you think you may have been affected by bad behaviour.

You will be helping others as well as yourselves."

Last updated : 2nd Sep 2014 08:54 BST
Kent Contract Bridge Association

Did you know that as a member of this club you also belong to the English Bridge Union and Kent Contract Bridge Association (see links on top right corner of this page)?  Both organize a variety of bridge events and competitions played mostly at the weekends.  Have a look at KCBA's website for Kent news, events and results.  Most competition events are held at Tunbridge Wells Bridge Club.

Last updated : 2nd Sep 2014 09:19 BST
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Strong 2s: Benji Acol
Strong 2s: Rule of 25
Kent Contract Bridge Association
'Best Behaviour at Bridge' EBU Guidelines
English Bridge Union
27th March 2015
Duplicate Pairs
St Dunstans 7pm
Host: David Hinch
30th March 2015
Duplicate Pairs
Age UK 7pm
Host: Doreen Hollamby
1st April 2015
Duplicate Pairs
Swalecliffe 7pm
25th March 2015
Duplicate Pairs
Director: John Tyrrell
Scorer: Kate Amos
23rd March 2015
Duplicate Pairs
Director: John Tyrrell
Scorer: Kate Amos
20th March 2015
Duplicate Pairs
Director: John Tyrrell
Scorer: Kate Amos
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