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The address of the club is:-

44 Prescott Street,



Phone: 01422 352346 (please don't use for day-to-day contact)


President: Mr Grant Ward

01422 379683 

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Thanks to Sandra Landy for allowing the use of many of her articles as teaching aids, Andrew Kambites for his practice hands and The English Bridge Union for allowing their learning resources to be made available on the Halifax Bridge Club website.
What's here
This page contains links to all our teaching materials. Clicking on a link will open a new window with that material in it.

Click on this line for the Standard English Acol convention card
Click on this line for the manual explaining the Standard English Acol foundation level system.
Practice hands available to download

Andrew Kambites has devised the following thirty two topics mostly comprising of sixteen hands with commentaries.

Set 1 - practice hands for book one: beginning bridge

Set 2 - practice hands for book two: continuing bridge

HBSET 1 One No Trump Openings and Responses

HBSET 2   Quantitative Raises

HBSET 3   One No Trump (and 2NT) Response

HBSET 4   Opener’s Rebid when it is a Limit                       Bid

HBSET 5   Opener’s Rebid

HBSET 6   Overcalls

HBSET 7   Double for Takeout

HBSET 8   Stayman

HBSET 9   Acol Opening Two Bids

HBSET 10 Pre-emptive (Barrage) Hands

HBSET 51 Declarer Play – Establishing Entries.                  More Finesses

HBSET 52 Declarer Play – Finessing

HBSET 53 Declarer Play – Making that                       Contract

HBSET 54 Defending NT Contracts

HBSET 55 Defending Suit Contracts

HBSET 11 Competitive bidding in the                       protective position

HBSET 12 Cue Bidding and use of Blackwood

HBSET 13 Defending against pre-empts

HBSET 14 Responsive, competitive and negative doubles

HBSET 15 Doubling and bidding over 1NT

HBSET 16 Fourth suit forcing

HBSET 17 Limit bid responses

HBSET 18 Use of losing trick count

HBSET 19 Splinter bids and pudding raises

HBSET 20 Red suit transfers after 1NT and 2NT

HBSET 21 Weak two openings in diamonds,                  hearts and spades

HBSET 22 Landy defence to a 1NT opening

HBSET 56 Use of S.W.O.T.

HBSET 57 Defence 1

HBSET 58 The danger hand

HBSET 59 Declarer and defenders’ play –                  counting the opponents’ points

HBSET 60  Signals and Discards