Spade Heart  Diamond Club
Parking Arrangements

The arrangements in the local streets are pay and display from 8am to 6pm, and after that time parking is permitted to anyone, including us, on both sides of the street. Please check the parking signs to be on the safe side.

Our existing parking in Rileys and opposite, all remain unchanged. Cars parked opposite during bridge play require current permits.

Members will be aware that we have privileged, free use of some parking spaces in Clare Hall, opposite the club. However, that use is under threat because of cars not being parked "tight" to the wall and obstructing the road to residents. Members are asked to pull in to within a foot of the wall in future, dropping off passengers prior to parking. This concession is invaluable to us and members are asked to comply to safeguard this facility.

Please contact Grant on 379683 with any queries.