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YCBA 2017-2018 Season

There will be eighty-five teams in the league - four more than last season. Doncaster, Huddersfield, Ripon, and Wetherby have each entered an extra team.

The fact that there are now thirteen teams in division ten means that it is impossible to have an all-play-all league. Except for Doncaster F, each team will play seven matches. Doncaster F will only play six and at the end of the season they will be given an extra VP score which is the average of their six matches (any fraction rounded to the next higher whole number.)

A set of rules has been drawn up for the Yorkshire League (they are posted on the YCBA website.) and all match secretaries and captains are advised to acquaint themselves with these rules.

Also, in the light of incidents which have occurred in the past, captains are asked to take responsibility for ensuring that all members of their team are aware of their selection and the venue as well as ensuring that all pairs are correctly seated at the beginning of each stanza.

Any match, with the agreement of both clubs, can be played prior to the match date. Please let Stuart Davies know in advance because such matches may consist of twenty-four boards for which there is a separate VP scale.

Best wishes for the coming season,

Philip Mason.