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Club details

The address of the club is:-

44 Prescott Street,



Phone: 01422 352346 (please don't use for day-to-day contact)


Hon Sec: 

website queries:
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Thanks to Sandra Landy for teaching materials


Thanks to Sandra Landy for allowing the use of many of her articles as teaching aids, Andrew Kambites for his practice hands and The English Bridge Union for allowing their learning resources to be made available on the Halifax Bridge Club website. See Lesson Materials.

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You can find the full programme of events for 2013-2014 under the 'Events' button to the left.  Or click here for a downloadable file.

Our team fixtures and results for 2013-14 are under 'Yorkshire League 2013-14'.

2014/2015 TEAMS

As everyone knows we have run four teams most years recently in the Sunday League. I have to advise YCBA before the end of April how many teams we can field this year and so far we are ten players short.  So if you want to play and you have not already done so - get your name down!


Club Subs are now due and during the week starting Mon 7th April someone will be ready and poised to take your tenner off you - preferably cash but cheques will be taken!  In exchange you will get your small club card and a brief sheet to allow us to update the data base.  The filled in data sheet should be put on top of the directors cubbyhole  by the TV monitor. Please, between 630 and seven, not during play!
Telephone list of members
Telephone list of members

Grant has a new telephone list of members.  Paper ones are available in the club.  Or email him at for an electronic copy.

Polish Up Your Play
Polish Up Your Play

You don't need a partner for Mick Clark's next 10-week course, starting on Tuesday 4 February at 7pm.  As Declarers we all will face problems of how to squeeze extra tricks from a hand, alone.  If you have some experience and would like to polish up your play, this is for you. Fuller details here: Polish up your play.  Students get a book with each course too.

This is the second of three courses that have been developed by the EBU for those who have been playing a while but seem to not be making the progress that they had hoped for. They are stand alone units for those who feel that their Bridge is a little "stale".  The third - Develop your Defence - will run later in the year.  Mick Clark is accredited as a Professional Bridge Teacher by the EBU. 

Please contact Mick as soon as possible if you're interested on 01484 713677, or by email to  He will of course also be playing regularly at the club, currently on Thursdays.


New Club Directors

Our band of new recruits - Joan Eastwood, Michael Cawdry and Alan McDonald - have successfully completed their EBU training, so they've joined Robert Johnston - who also trained this year - as fully-fledged directors.   Please be kind to them, they're learning the ropes.  Feel free to say 'Well done' to them as well.

Rule changes

There are new Blue and White books from 1 August after a review of the rules.  In future any conventional bids on the first round of bidding must be alerted or announced.  In addition, any bid at the 3  or 4 level on the first round as a response to opener must be alerted as these are usually cue bids, splinter bids or asking bids and are therefore not natural. Formerly, anything above 3NT required no action.  In the first round Stayman and transfers are not alert-able but remain announce-able. Natural bids in the first round require no action.

Here's a scan of the ebu summary.  (Sorry, this is not showing correctly in all browsers)

Here's a link to the ebu page about the changes, and this is their new summary of announcing and alerting.


Beginners classes began September 2013
Beginners classes began September 2013
The current Beginners' Course started on Thursday 19th September at 7.00pm. Fully-qualified EBU Professional Bridge tutor Mick Clark is running them, as ever.  Phone him on

01484 713677, or email for further details of this and other courses.

Flower and Card Organiser

As we all know Joan has acted as "Flower lady and card organiser" for those of us in distress.  Kate Borgman has offered to do  this whilst Joan is herself incapacitated.  So all requests to her, please, on 01706378386.

Click for the latest results
Yorkshire League Results

Sadly we celebrated the end of the season on Sunday March 9th with four defeats: the As at home to Thirsk 4-16, the Bs at home to Doncaster C 6-14, the Cs at Harrogate D 6-14 and the Ds at Bradford E 6-14.  Find today's B team home deal in the Yorkshire League section (the A team were hand-dealt)


The season's results and full fixtures are at League results 2013-14.   League tables are in Links.  In the Yorkshire League section you'll also find details of earlier home deals.


Have no fear, Friday is here

TGIF again. From Friday 28 March (7pm to 9:30ish) we'll be having bridge sessions on Fridays again.  They'll be run by Irene Johnston (phone 01422 347775), and hosted, with advice and discussion at necessary.  They're aimed at learners, beginners and those who have not played for a bit, though several experienced players will attend too.  It's the ideal entry format into playing duplicate at club level: No Fear Bridge!

New Parking Arrangements from January 27th

Since January 27th the parking arrangements in the local streets have changed.  It's 'pay and display' until 8 pm, and after that time parking is permitted to anyone, including us, on both sides of the street.  These are changes imposed by Calderdale Council.

We don't therefore need parking permits any longer.  Our existing parking in Rileys, in the enclosed area at the back, and opposite, all remain unchanged. Contact Grant on 379683 with any queries.

Committee minutes online

We're putting committee minutes online now once they've been agreed.  Find them under 'Information', 'Committee minutes'.  They're confidential to members so you will need to know the procedure for entering user name and password to access them.  Check with Grant or email Alan McDonald for help.

Secretary's contact details

Grant, our Hon Sec, has moved, and his new phone number is 01422 379683.  His email remains 

Welcome to the Halifax Bridge Club Website
Welcome to the Halifax Bridge Club Website

Welcome to the new website of the club that offers duplicate bridge sessions for young and old.

The club has its own private premises and is well established, providing duplicate bridge sessions for nearly 150 members. It is a member of the English Bridge Union and the majority of the club events generate EBU Masterpoints. There are also occasional sessions that tie in with simultaneous county or national events.

In addition to a comfortable playing area, the club has its own kitchen and licensed bar.

Halifax Bridge Club has four teams of eight players that compete during the Winter months in the Yorkshire Sunday League.

18th April 2014
Friday Evening
Director: RJ
Scorer: RJ
17th April 2014
Thursday Evening
Director: RJ
Scorer: Gordon
16th April 2014
Wednesday Evening
Director: Joan E
Scorer: Joan E
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