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Welcome to Halifax Bridge Club
Random Teams Taster Monday 23rd July

Following the success of last month’s Random Teams Taster, it has been decided to repeat it this month on Monday 23rd July. The format is the same as before, members who don’t usually play on a Monday evening are invited to join the Monday evening regulars for our 2nd Random Teams Taster. Teams are played in the same way very much that pairs are played but are scored differently in that teams scoring is much more forgiving than pairs scoring, if you don’t make an extra trick

The evening will be hosted by volunteers, so you can turn up as an individual or a pair, but not as an already established team of 4 (because it wouldn’t be fair for a team put together on the night to play against an already established team of 4). Individuals will be found a partner, then pairs will be assigned to a team by the director who will make the teams as equal as possible.

Table money will be £3.00, but it will not be an EBU event. The members of the winning team will each receive a voucher for a free play.

We all hope to see you there.

Thank you…Your Committee

Mixed Pairs (Taylor Cup) Tuesday 14 August


The Mixed Pairs Competition for the Taylor Cup will take place on the evening of Tuesday, 14th August starting at 7pm.

Members wishing to play are asked to put their pairs names down on the adjacent list.

The closing date for entries is Monday 13th August.

If you put your pair names down to play, but then find that you are unable to play, please ensure that your pairs names are removed from the list.

Members must be in place by 6.50pm.

“Members who have played at the club a minimum of 12 times in the past 12 months or 6 times in the last 3 months shall be eligible to play in this competition. Any variation from this shall be at the discretion of the committee”.

A minimum of four tables is required for the competition to be valid.


Members will be aware that we have privileged, free use of some parking spaces in Clare Hall, opposite the club. However, that use is under threat because of cars not being parked 'tight' to the wall and obstructing the road to residents. Members are asked to pull in to within a foot of the wall in future, dropping off passengers prior to parking. This concession is invaluable to us and members are asked to comply to safeguard this facility.

Halifax Bridge Club

Welcome to the website of the club that offers duplicate bridge sessions for young and old.  The club has its own private premises and is well established, providing duplicate bridge sessions for over 160 members. It is a member of the English Bridge Union and the majority of the club events generate EBU Masterpoints. There are also occasional sessions that tie in with simultaneous county or national events. In addition to a comfortable playing area, the club has its own kitchen and licensed bar.

Halifax Bridge Club has three teams of eight players that compete during the winter months in the Yorkshire Sunday League.

Hosted/Relaxed Bridge Sessions

Tuesday afternoon are hosted by the Director and learners are positively welcomed, newcomers and visitors! A small amount of help can be given to absolute beginners or those unfamiliar with duplicate. Please be there for 12.50pm.

Wednesday evening sessions are hosted on a "Last Person Standing" basis. i.e. the last person to arrive at the club without a partner becomes the host.

Friday evening sessions are hosted by the Director, do not have a visitor surcharge and help is freely available.  Please be there for 6.50pm.

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