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Partner Needed

Partner required

Martin Churchill needs a partner for 17thMay. If you can help call him on 07979666777  or by email - mjccsqared

Thank you,


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Welcome to Halesworth Duplicate Bridge Club
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Welcome to Halesworth Duplicate Bridge Club
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Halesworth Duplicate Bridge Club is a friendly, informal club with a warm welcome for bridge players of all standards, including beginners.

The club started life in 2013, and the first session was held on 12th April 2013. The club has prospered and there are usually between five and seven tables.

The club meets on a Friday in Bramfield Village Hall. Play starts at 13:30 and members are expected to be seated by 13:15 to give the directors time to make announcements and arrange the afternoon's bridge.

If you would like to join the club and do not have a partner, please contact Audrey Blouet (Hon Sec) on 01986 875501 or

No bridge on 19th April 2019

Following discussion at the session on 5th April, it was decided not to hold a session on 19th April because it is Good Friday. 

Please note, the Friday after (26th April) is the AGM. Please arrive in good time for the start of the meeting, which is at 12:45.


The AGM will take place on Friday 26th April 2019 at 12:45. If you would like to join the committee or add an item to the agenda, please contact Audrey Blouet (Hon Sec) on 01986 875501 or

Tea break

As we are having 7 or more tables each week. The committee agreed to try having a tea break. This means at about 3.15pm we will break for tea for about 15 minutes. Trays will be ready with 4 mugs and biscuits. Edit’s husband kindly agreed to make the tea or coffee. One person from each table then collects the tray and returns it. Roy will put the mugs in the dishwasher and someone will empty it at the end of the afternoon. It would be helpful if we knew your preferences for tea or coffee.


You may wonder why the results come up under the name J Smith. It is simply because it is his scoring programme that we use.

Partner needed

Partner needed

If you need a partner please contact Audrey Blouet on 01986 875501 or by email

Thank you.


Partner needed


Linda Nichols needs a partner for Friday 24th May. If you can help, please contact her by phone: 01986 872478 or email:

5 1/2 tables 22 boards Howell
17/05 6T 22 Boards Howell
6 1/2 Tables 22Boards Howell