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Summer Party
Summer Party

Put 19th July in your diary.  This is the date we are having our annual Summer Party and we would like as many members as possible to come along.

The principles of bridge!

My partner has opened and I'm in a fix, because I must pass with less than six.

If my count is six, but less than ten, I must respond once but not again.

Now 10 - 12 points is fairly nice.  I will  plan to speak clearly not once, but twice!

With 13 or more points I'd be to blame if all bidding stopped before we reached game.

With that game-going hand I don't wait too long to mention a suit that seems to be strong.

With five cards or longer I need not be mute, I'll certainly open with one of that suit,

but I've two lots of four cards - ah that's the rub.  I know I must open, but one heart or one club?

With 12 - 14 one Notrump will do and with 20 or more I should open "Two"

When the opponents have opened, my back's to the wall, I have a good length so must overcall.

But I've two 5 card suits - what shall I do?  Perhaps now's the time to use Michael's cue!


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6th March 2015
Director: Brian Orys
Scorer: Kelven Hosken
2nd March 2015
Director: Pat Maycock
Scorer: Peter Pelling
27th February 2015
Director: Jim Benson
Scorer: Pat Maycock
23rd February 2015
Director: Pat Maycock
Scorer: edwin kelven hosken
20th February 2015
Director: Mary Sim
Scorer: Peter Pelling
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