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Dates for your diary

Wellshurst Golf Club has now been booked for our Christmas event.  Please put 13 December in your diary and keep the date free!

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3rd Aug 2015 15:46 BST
Dates for your diary
20th Jul 2015 18:28 BST

Most of the club members play either a "wriggle" or Flint Pender when faced with their 1NT being doubled by the opposition.  There are practical alternatives and I was shown one the other day which you might like to look at.  It's called Halmic.  Just remember that all systems assume that the 1NT opener has at least 2 in every suit.

After 1 NT doubled and a weak hand -

a) with  any 5 card suit, partner redoubles.  Opener then bids 2C as a relay and then partner bids that 5 card suit.

b)  with no 5 card suit but two 4 card suits, partner bids the lowest of the two.  (The partnership may continue bidding to find the best fit)

c) with a weak 4-3-3-3 hand partner passes.  Opener re-doubles expecting a relay bid of 2C and then opener shows their best suit

d) as with the wriggle and Flint Pender, if partner has 8 points they leave any redouble in and do not speak at all!

Summer Party
Summer Party

Thank you to all who came along this afternoon and particular thanks to Vicki for all the organisation.  Congratulations to the  first prizewinners - Kathleen, Val, Roy and John.  The second prizewinners -  the team with less than "0 imp",  were Von, David, Ted and Jerry. 

If you're interested in how your pair got on,  the travellers have been scored as a pairs score and you can find them on the right as usual.  Don't have name slip though - so I hope I have remembered OK

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7th August 2015
Director: Pat Maycock
Scorer: Brian Orys
3rd August 2015
Director: Pat Maycock
Scorer: Peter Pelling
31st July 2015
Director: Mary Sim
Scorer: edwin kelven hosken
27th July 2015
Director: Brian Orys
Scorer: Pat Maycock
24th July 2015
Director: Pat Maycock
Scorer: Pat Maycock
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