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Summer Party will be 12th July this year.  Put it in your diary now!


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When you claim the remaining tricks and show your cards to all players, play has finished.  If you do not show them to your partner and that partner immediately objects, play will continue.

When claiming,  you should at once make a clear statement as to the order in which cards will be played, or the line of play or defence through which you propose to win the tricks claimed.

After the claim, if it is doubted by any player, including dummy, the Director must be called immediately.  Opponents should not reveal their cards at this stage.

The Director rules as fairly as possible and will ask declarer how play will be carried out.  If there are remaining trumps, trick/tricks will be given to the opponents if no statement was made about how the remaining trumps would be dealt with.

Play should continue, but the declarer cannot draw trumps if this was not stated at the beginning and cannot take a finesse unless the opponent has shown out.

The director will consider from both sides how the play will continue based on what would be accepted as normal lines of play.  If all players have already shown their cards, the director may ask for the cards to put on the table and direct play him or herself.

The rules have become more lenient towards those who concede tricks too easily and if within 30 minutes of the scoring, one of the parties claims that a player conceded a trick that he has in fact won or conceded a trick that could not be lost, this can be challenged again and the board is rescored


The committee has agreed to hold  a simultaneous pairs event on Friday 30th January.  This is being organised nationwide by Ecatsbridge in aid of the Ebola Crisis.  Table money will be the same as usual but the club will donate proceeds.  For those who have not been in a simultaneous pairs event before, let me explain.  All clubs taking part have the same hands (They will be made up before the event and must not be shuffled!)  When the event is scored it is done at club level, but then all our scores are combined with clubs nationally and you will be able to see how you fared against many others.

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Saturday afternoon bridge

Ringmer Bridge Club are running a charity Bridge Drive on 21st February (Saturday afternoon). We are raising funds to complete the extension of Ringmer Village Hall. We are offering a good afternoon'’s bridge with a delicious high tea for £8 per person. There are prizes for first and second pairs (and last, but there may be a lot of competition for this!) If you are able to publicise the event to any bridge players we would be very grateful and hope that some of you will be able to join us. Information or tickets from (email) or ring Tim & Liz Owen on 01273 814220. Ringmer Village Hall is a registered charity, number 207885, and only needs another £5,000 to complete the fundraising (£220,000 so far!) for a much needed extension.

26th January 2015
Director: Chris White
Scorer: Jane Bwye
23rd January 2015
Director: Jim Benson
Scorer: Pat Maycock
19th January 2015
Director: Pat Maycock
Scorer: Brian Orys
12th January 2015
Cox Pairs
Director: Brian Orys
Scorer: Jane Bwye
9th January 2015
Director: Pat Maycock
Scorer: Peter Pelling
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