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Committee News
Committee meeting Monday January 22nd 5.30pm.
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E Mail Addresses
I am collecting e mail addresses so that I can send members details of Gwent events etc.
If you would like to be included on such a mailing list then please e mail William Parkinson.

1. Quiz.
Three possible hands are given for South but only one is consistent with bidding. Which one? What should the other hands have bid? Neither side is vulnerable.










1 ♥


2 ♦




Hand a)

♠ Q 2
♥ Q J 5
♦ A Q 6 3 2
♣ J 8 3


Hand b)

♠ Q 6 2
♥ K J 7
♦ A K J 6 2
♣ K 8


Hand c)

♠  2
♥ A 8 3 2
♦ K J 9 8 7 2
♣ 4 2


For the answer please click here.

2. Club Competitions.

(a) Children in Need Simultaneous Pairs
Wednesday & Thursday November 15th & 16th.
A total of £350 was raised many thanks to all who contributed.
1. Joan Westcott & Herrick Westcott
2. Mike Clarke & Guy Thomas         
3. Brian Harden & Tony Harris
1. Tony Ratcliff & Julian Pottage
2. Steve Martin & Herrick Westcott
3. Martin David & Alan Heath

(b) Men's & Ladies Pairs
Wednesday November 22nd.
Ladies Pairs
1. Ann Kelly & Eivona James
2. Kath Fewster & Elizabeth Hutchinson
3. Roz Thompson & Molly Macdonald
Men’s Pairs
1. Peter Smith & Greg Howell
2. John Dewsnap & Iain Brisbane
3. Martin David & Steve Webb

3. Future Competitions.

(a) Celtic Sims
Wednesday December 6th.In this event clubs from Wales, Scotland & Ireland compete in a simultaneous event.
Full results on the E Cats web site.

(b) WBU Graded Masters
Sunday December 10th starting at 11.00am.This event is to be held at Gwent Bridge Academy.
Please click on Graded Masters for further details.

(c) Club Mixed Pairs
Monday January 15th.
This is a one session event.

(d) Club Championship Pairs
For the first time this will take place on a Sunday.
Sunday January 28th.
Start time 11.00am two sessions finishing around 6.30pm.
No table money & free coffee.
Please sign the notice on the club notice board asap.

(e) Area Heat National Open Pairs
Sunday January 21st starting at 11.00am.
This event is to be held at Gwent Bridge Academy.

Xmas Closing.
The club will be closed Christmas Day Monday December 25th
& Boxing Day Tuesday December 26th.
The club will be open as usual on all other days.